Are Your Porsche Car Brake Pads Working Well?

Your Porsche brake pads matter a lot not just for your car but for you as a driver as well. You can use them whenever you want to slow down and stop your luxury vehicle from being hit or hitting another vehicle. This is the reason behind why you must have them inspected and maintained every now and then. The sad thing is that many car owners tend to overlook them during regular car maintenance. If you want to know your brake pads are still working well, you need to remember the following.

Replacing Brake Pads

Actually, there is no specific time with which you must schedule your brake pads for replacement. Having your brakes checked regularly will help you see if the pads have worn out over the course of time. Take note that wear and tear of front pads and rear pads will depend upon how you drive and where you typically drive. Driving in urban areas more often will make the pads wear out faster. This is caused by the traffic in these areas.

It is important to have your brake pads checked every time your car tires are rotated. Typically, this is done once every six months. You can always ask a professional technician about their specific recommendations – whether the pads need cleaning or replacement.

Signs that Brake Pads Need Replacement

Professionals will actually look for some common signs that dictate that brake pads already need replacement. You can watch out for these signs yourselves in order to help you know whether it is time to replace these parts or not. Among them are: pulsation in the brake pedal; your foot is pressured to pump up on the brakes at a much lower distance than usual; or you experience longer stopping distances down the road.

Checking Your Brakes

The good thing is you can always spot the above-mentioned signs so that you can order the replacement that you need. Just by simply listening to your brakes, you will already know when it is time for replacing the pads. The brakes can produce a noise that sounds like there is a metal that seems to be scraping in the wheels. This sound can become louder once you apply your foot over the brakes. Adjustments or repairs may be made depending on the situation.

Another way by which you can check your brakes is by looking at the wheels. Dust coming from the brakes typically accumulate on the wheel. This is a sign of normal wear for the pads. Once the pads have totally worn out, the amount of dust on the wheels will decrease as well. As soon as you notice that your wheels are cleaner after accumulating brake dust then it means that the pads needs to be replaced.

Other Things that Need to be Checked

You need to have a feel of your steering wheel and your brake pedal. When brake pads are worn out, brake pedals, as well as the steering wheel, will vibrate when braking. Of course, you must not forget to observe your brake pad as well. You can see the pads through the wheel. From there, you can determine its thickness. When the pads are about one-fourth inch thin, you should replace them.