A Buyer's Guide For Porsche A/C Compressors

A working car A/C is a huge relief during the hot summer months. However, as the A/C system is consists of mechanical parts, it is bound to break down and may even need to be replaced.

When dealing with Porsche A/C compressors, you need to understand that not all dealers have the same quality of A/C parts replacements. Since Porsche is a luxurious car, you should aim to buy replacements that are at par to this brand’s standards.

The Role of the A/C Compressor

As soon as the A/C becomes warm, the initial thought is that there might be a low refrigerant level causing it to blow a warm breeze. However, far more important is the A/C compressor. Basically, its role is to produce cool air by compressing the refrigerants. When you have a bad compressor, the A/C will not work no matter if you have plenty of refrigerants on it. So when you are experiencing a faulty air conditioner, check if the refrigerant level is low. If it is not, then the A/C compressor may be the reason. That is how important it is to have a healthy compressor.

Why Do A/C Compressors Fail

Aside from the usual wear and tear, there can be a lot of other reasons why a compressor gets damaged. It can be because there are other internal or external parts that are already faulty before the A/C problem. For example, there might be a problem on the air filters before that was neglected. This is evident by the presence of debris around the compressor. A dirty air filter can be a small problem but it can trigger a series of other damages that could lead to a total compressor failure if not addressed quickly.

How to Buy High-Quality Porsche A/C Compressors

The A/C compressor is the most important component of the air conditioning unit. Either an external or internal compressor failure can cause the A/C to act up or even die an untimely death. When you don’t have a choice but to look for a replacement, make sure to find the best one there is. Be aware that there are plenty of sellers who lie about the quality of their products. Be vigilant in choosing where to buy parts because it will determine the life-span of your air conditioning unit.

Look for New Ones

New and genuine parts for luxurious cars are not that easy to find. Do not be tempted to buy questionable compressors just because they look the same or that it has a lower price. Choose a dealer that has a comprehensive range of Porsche A/C parts that has almost the same quality as the original.

Choose OEM

Replacement parts can be generally categorized as either generic or OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer. Generic is a low-cost alternative but not as sturdy. With OEM parts, expect to pay more but you can be assured that you will have a replacement that is as good as the original.