Are You Facing Porsche Automatic Transmission Problems?

A Porsche automatic transmission problem does not happen overnight. Usually, the vehicle will give off warning signs that can help you detect a system failure. Remember that his type of car is rated high-class and defects of any kind will require plenty of money to fix. It is important therefore, for you to be aware of the different Porsche automatic transmission problems and the signs that indicate trouble in the system.

Transmission Fluid Color Changes

The transmission fluid must be checked for freshness at least once a month. A new transmission fluid should have a transparent pinkish to red tinge. You will know when it is time to replace the fluid when it is worn out and has a dark brown to black color. It will also smell burnt and has bits of metal and dirt upon close inspection.

Transmission Fluid Levels

Another thing to check about transmission fluid is the volume. Low fluid levels will cause a lot of lubrication troubles like overheating, slipping, shaking, and shifting issues on the gears. A simple check using a dipstick is a quick way to find out if you need more transmission fluid or not. Take note that too little fluid could mean that there might be a leak somewhere in the transmission.

Slipping Transmission

Unintentional shifting of gears is very dangerous especially when you are driving on a busy street. You will most likely hear an unusual sound from under the car and you will feel that the car is underpowered. The transmission line may be too worn out at this point and a check-up should be done at once. Other reasons why there is slipping are burnt clutch discs, worn-out gears, and inefficient fluid.

Bad Vibrations

A Porsche is known to run smoothly and doesn’t shake or jolt while on the road. Any vibrations or grinding sounds are unmistakable signs that the car is having difficulty going into gear or that the gears are grinding against each other. The car should be taken to a mechanic for some serious attention especially when the subtle vibrations become persistent.


One of the worst things that can happen to a Porsche automatic transmission is overheating. Be alert once you smell something burning from insides of the car. Oftentimes it happens because of an inefficient fluid. When this occurs, the transmission parts will malfunction and will ultimately decrease its lifespan leading to a complete transmission replacement. The best thing to do is to dutifully check signs for low fluid and to see if it needs to be changed already.

Always remember that preventive measures can help prevent or delay costly repairs. It will be a lot cheaper to do simple tasks such as checking fluid levels and being observant on how the transmission is working. Never wait for the time when the automatic transmission completely fails to work. Take the car for a check-up as soon as you notice any of these signs.