Can I Still Drive With A Misfiring Porsche Cylinder?

Your Porsche engine is not complete without a cylinder. It is where combustion takes place, which means that the cylinder is the single most important Porsche engine component. But like you are about to learn, the cylinder does much more than just ignite engine combustion. Yes, it powers the vehicle. But can you really still drive once it starts misfiring? What are the risks involved? Read on to learn more.

The Design

First off, it is important to note that the engine block is usually made from either aluminum or cast iron. It may have as few as two separate cylinders or as many as 12! Basically, speed and torque will call for more cylinders solely because the engine will be forced to work extra hard. In a nutshell, it is all about power. It is in fact safe to say that once your Porsche engine cylinder misfires, the engine will lose a significant amount of power. For instance, if one cylinder misfires in a four cylinder Porsche engine, the engine will lose as much as 25 percent of its power. As far as safety is concerned, the bottom line is, your safety will be compromised once you drive for long with misfiring cylinders. You’ll also subject your Porsche to the following:

Abnormal Vibrations

Misfiring cylinders do not just crop up. The setback is always preceded by abnormal vibrations. You’ll also notice that your car’s fuel economy will suddenly start suffering. This happens because the remaining working cylinders have to step up and compensate for the sudden loss of power occasioned by the faulty cylinder. Your Porsche may also shake even when idle. Combine all these signs and you know for sure one of the engine cylinders has misfired.

Loss Of Engine Spark

Loss of engine spark can easily stop coil voltage from promptly hopping the gap at the far end of the spark plug. The most common culprit here or rather the main reason why this happens has a lot to do with worn, bad or damaged spark plugs. A weak ignition coil can also cause the problem and quickly worsen to cause engine cylinder misfire. The engine may have problem starting at this stage. The problem can then easily worsen once you keep on driving. The best you can do here is to replace ignition wires, spark plugs, rotors and distributor caps. These components do not cost too much to replace. You can then proceed to fix the misfiring cylinder.

Imbalanced Fuel/Air Mixture

The engine needs perfect air and fuel balance so as to run at its peak. Any form of imbalance can cause cylinder misfire. It’ll get worse where the fuel injector gets clogged, has an air leak or is dirty. Note that the compromised injector will affect all cylinders and not just one cylinder. It is also important to note that cylinder misfires caused by the fuel system crop up suddenly. They also tend to manifest and be more detectable when the engine is idle as opposed to when driving at a moderately high speed.