Can My Porsche’s Air Intake System Affect Its Performance?

Yes, an improved air intake system can affect engine performance. As a matter of fact, the cold air intake system stands out as one of the most effective ways to improve engine performance. It is easy to understand how this happens. The Porsche engine operates by taking in oxygen and mixing it with fuel before burning the resulting mixture so as to produce power. This means that increasing the amount of air flowing into the engine can go a long way to increase power output. You will need extra fuel though, which should be easy. What won’t be easy is increasing air flow into the engine. That is exactly where cold air intake systems come into the picture.

How It Works

The concept behind the cold air intake system is easy. The system is designed to increase airflow by reducing the temperature of air that flows through the engine. This is important for several reasons. First off, as air gets colder, it becomes denser. This makes it easy for the engine to get more oxygen in small volumes. Remember more oxygen means more power. That explains why nearly all sports cars use this model.

Another key aspect of the cold air intake system is reduced air flow resistance. Each pipe in the system is polished and finely tuned to reduce air flow resistance. This is important because it reduces unwanted turbulence inside the pipes which would otherwise cut down and reduce systematic air flow into the engine.

How It Is Done

There are so many ways to go about increasing airflow into the engine. Superchargers, turbo chargers and cold air intakes are all methods that work. Of all these methods though, cold air intakes stand out as not just the most effective but also the cheapest.  They are also easy to install. The perks are simply way too many to mention. Keep in mind too that with cold air intakes, you won’t have to modify the engine at all. This will save you both time and money.


The amount of horsepower and torque your Porsche will receive after installing an air intake system varies. The kind of car system installed and how well the system was installed are factors that can easily determine the amount of horsepower your car will receive. On average though, you will notice an increase of anything between 8 and 25 more horsepower as soon as you install an air intake system on a properly tuned engine. This amount of increase in power gain will be realized because as already mentioned, cold air is denser. It comes along with a higher percentage of oxygen compared to warm air.

Thermal Barriers Your car’s air intake system may ingest air from a cool and dense source. There is nothing wrong with this. However, if the intake is not protected well against thermal contamination, then power gains may be too minimal to make a significant difference. That is where carbon filters come into the picture. They resist heat transfer. Use of thermal barriers made of ceramic or zirconium can also achieve the same effect.