Can You Drive With A Broken Porsche Axle?

Porsche cars offer prestige on the part of the car owner. This makes these cars popular to a lot of car lovers out there. Like any other car, however, it can just suddenly break down out of nowhere. When it does, you will surely be worried about whether or not it is safe to drive your car, even with a broken part such as the Porsche axle. Let us see what you can do when you have a broken car axle and how you can go about the situation.

Porsche Axles

Porsche cars should have two operational axles for it to get you to where you are going. These axles are made to transfer the power needed by the wheels in order for it to operate flawlessly. Axles basically have two functions. One of which is to transfer power from the differential to the wheels when you have a rear-wheel drive system. Another is to transfer power from the transmission to the wheels when you own a car that has a front-wheel drive setup.

Signs You Have a Broken Axle

There are several symptoms that dictate that your car has a broken axle. One is when you hear a certain type of noise – either clicking or grinding or bumping – whenever you have to make turns. These sounds are just the first signs that your axle is about to get broken. In other instances, it can mean that your car's CV joint is already failing.

There is a boot that protects the CV joint. When this gets damaged, it will be easy for debris and dirt to just get inside the car. At times, it can also cause grease to leak out. This can then lead to lack of lubrication which can cause the joint to eventually tear apart in the long run.

Driving with Broken Car Axles

It is not safe to drive when either of the two axles are broken. Yes, technically speaking, you can still drive your car. Doing so can be very risky because there is a great chance that the car will completely fail while you drive. Failing axles will make you lose the control you have over your car, and at the worst can be a reason for road mishaps. Have the problem repaired immediately before you even take the chance of driving your car in such a situation.

What You Should Do with Broken Axles

Time is crucial when you know that your axles are facing some problems at the moment. You never want them breaking apart while you are driving then become the cause of a serious accident down the road. A certified mechanic can help you diagnose your vehicle, and make recommendations in case the axle needs repair or replacement.

Schedule CV axle replacement right away. You can order genuine Porsche axles and then send your car to the mechanic so that the necessary repair can be done in the auto repair shop right away. It will not take a lot of time doing this. As always, it is better to be safe than sorry.