Changing Your Porsche Grille Assembly?

Like any other grille assemblies, your Porsche grille assembly is located in front of your car. This covers the radiator and is responsible for protecting the engine. Because it is positioned at a damage-prone part, there will always come a time when changing the grille assembly is a must. Just by visually inspecting it, you can easily say whether it needs repair or replacement. Any hole or breakage must be attended to right away. Otherwise, other parts can be damaged later. Here is how you can change your grilles yourself.

Remove the Grille Top

The first thing you should bear in mind is to locate the grille top so that you can easily remove the old assembly. You can see a bonnet that will allow you to access the part. You may also need to locate the cover or the protector slip. This can be found over the grille. Remove this as well before proceeding to the other steps.

Remove All Bolts Attached to It

Bolts hold the grille in place. You should remove these bolts to be able to remove the grille. Since bolts have stayed on their spots for a long time, you will need to spray them with a lubricant. This will allow you to easily unbolt the grille. Using a socket head or a spanner, you can take all the nuts off. Make sure that you keep the nuts because you will need them later on.

Remove the Grille

After removing the nuts from the grille, you can now easily remove the grille from where it is seating in your car. You will need to move the grille a bit to allow it to detach from its position. Once you have removed it, you can check if it is the same with the new part you have purchased. That way, you can be assured that you got the replacement grille correctly.

Replace the Grille

Replacing the old grille with the new one is fairly easy. All you have to do is reverse what you did when you removed the old one. Remember that you may need to slide the grille in place until it clicks into the proper position. Make sure you work on this precisely. Take time out to check that the grille has been positioned firmly so that you can proceed to the next step.

Replace the Bolts

Get the bolts that you have removed and use them to attach the new grille into place. Make sure that you will not push too far when you are doing this part. Otherwise, the bolt may just poke into the plastic or the surface where it is placed. Any excessive amount of force can result in breaking of some parts which you will not want to happen.

Test Drive

Taking the car to a test drive after you have replaced the old grille with a new one will allow you to check whether you have done the job correctly or not. Look for signs like a possible knocking or rattling sound coming from the newly installed grille. This can indicate that the grille has not been seated in place. Re-inspect the job when you hear such sounds and ensure the bolts are tight enough to keep the grille in place.