Cleaning Tips For Porsche Front Grille And Bumper

Cleaning your luxury car should begin from head to foot. You have to pay attention to every part that meets the eye, your Porsche front grille and bumper included. Each part has a specific cleaning requirement and for the parts mentioned, here are tips to help you with.

Use a Soft Wash Brush

A soft wash brush is great for cleaning a lot of surfaces, front grille and bumper included. They are ideal for any type of material such as chrome and stainless steel and come with an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to clean hard to reach areas. Since they are soft, you do not need to worry about scratching the surface of the metal on your front grille and bumper.

Prepare a Wash Solution

There are specific types of wash solutions that are ideal for cleaning the front grille and bumper. You can mix them in a bucket of water according to instructions. Dip in the brush into the solution and start washing off the grille with the brush. You will notice that it will be easy to clean the grille using this method. This can get rid of bugs, dirt, and any contaminant that come in contact with the grille. It can also help clean even those areas that are usually hard to clean.

Try Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are special cleaning aids that can help get rid of bugs that stock up on your front grille and bumper. There are softeners within the sheets that will help make the cleaning process a whole lot easier. You have to take note that this method works only if you have a very small area infested by bugs. For larger areas, you can use other methods. Dryer sheets can get slippery when wet though making it difficult to do the job. The bug sponge can be a substitute to the dryer sheet too.

Other Things to Remember

Cleaning the car's front grille and bumper require effort and you have to do this every now and then so as not to accumulate more dust, contaminants, bugs, and debris of all sorts on this part of the car. You should make it a point that when you clean this part, you always have to wipe off any water with a dry cloth so as not to leave streaks or marks from the tool that you have used when wet cleaning it. Always make it a point too that you only use the softest material and the mildest cleaning agent to prevent scraping as well as any type of damage over the surface.

In case you spot some problem while cleaning your front grille, like cracks, damages, or corrosion on some parts, you should have the grille replaced right away. This is the best way to protect the engine and radiator and other internal parts that benefit from the grille assembly. There are genuine Porsche parts that you can find in our shop that will surely be great replacements for your older Porsche car parts.