Common Porsche Headlight Problems

Was there ever a time when you are driving during night time and suddenly you meet a car that casts bright headlights on you? You will surely be dismayed when this is the case and you might be uttering those common curse words when this happens. Before you even burst out of disgust, did you ever think your headlights must have gone bad as well? For this learning page, get to know the most common Porsche headlight problems to be taken into account.

Are Your Lights Like Christmas Lights?

Are your headlights glowing like those you see on Christmas trees? Do those lights flicker as if turning on and off all the time? This common problem with your car's lighting components is caused by faulty wiring. When this happens, the first thing you should do is check the battery, particularly the clamp connections found in it. This may have been caused by the constant vibration made by the engines and can weaken the lights. You can also try moving the wire in a wiggling motion but be careful when doing so.

Does the Fuse Blow?

Before you get frustrated with this problem, you need to think of the best thing to do. Just simply unplug the light and then proceed to pull the switch to see if the fuse will blow right after. In case there is no blowing in the fuse then you can discount wiring as the problem. You will need to purchase a bulb then try this procedure once more. In case you have replaced the bulb and the light does not run on then you must check the wiring if it needs insulation.

Do Your Headlights Seem Burn Out?

A burning out Porsche headlight can be caused by a lot of things. One to blame is the fact that you may have held the bulbs with your bare hands while inspecting or replacing them. When you are replacing or inspecting your bulbs, make it a point that you wear surgical gloves and from there you can replace the bulb that needs replacement. Another culprit is oil coming in contact with the bulb or the wiring which is known for burning out the lights within a short span of time. Never hold a bulb or replace one without washing your hands.

Are the Headlights Loose?

A loosened bulb in the headlight will only need some tightening. Make sure that the bulb does not have unnecessary movements. You do not want a loose bulb suddenly breaking and compromising your driving visibility when you are on the road at night. You may also want to see if sockets are corroded. Make it a point that the sockets are clean and wiped off using only dry cloth. If this does not work, then you will need to change the socket.

Things to Remember When Replacing Bulbs and Other Components in the Headlight

It is important to not replace components after you have shut down the engine. This will mean that the engine is hot and even the other components will feel excruciatingly warm to the touch. Give the car some time to cool down before starting the work. Never work on the problem if the engine is still turned on as well. If you do not know what to do, never hesitate to ask for help.