Common Porsche Windshield Wiper Problems

Luxury cars like Porsche offer comfort in different levels at varying weather conditions. Each of the parts found in this luxury car has a role to play in order to deliver those expected results and when we say each part, the Porsche windshield wiper is included.

Windshield wipers are placed on the hood not for aesthetic purposes. They are there to help clear the view of obstruction especially when you are driving on a rainy or windy day. Imagine the water that gets into the hood that can destruct visibility and you will surely thank automakers for coming up with the bright idea of including wipers in their cars. When something goes wrong while using this component then you have to do something about it. What are the common windshield wiper problems you will encounter?

Problems with the Blade

In philosophy and reality, windshield wiper blades have been made to work harmoniously with each other. They work in a synchronized manner where the blades make a rotation that allows them to fully cover the area where they need to remove water and debris from. In case you encounter problems with the blades, chances are you have to tighten them a bit so that they will work again as they are supposed to. Repair worn-out linkages as well as this can be causing the problem.

Problems With Smearing Water

Once you turn on the windshield wiper, you will notice that water is sprayed on a particular direction and does not smear anywhere it wants to. If it does smear water in different directions then there is a problem with the component. This can be brought about by the presence of poorly produced wiper fluid or even dirty blades that have been kept that way for a long time. The solution to this problem is to wipe off the windshield wiper blades to remove the dirt and to replace wiper fluid if necessary. In case these methods do not work, your last resort is to have the blades replaced.

Problems with Noise

There are different types of noise you may have to deal with a faulty windshield wiper. First is that chattering noise which is accompanied by another problem, that is, having to leave smears and marks on the windshield while the wipe does its job. Wax and oil are accountable for this problem and a bent wiper is another. You have to check which for these two reasons is causing the problem before providing the necessary fix.

Another disturbing type of noise is that of a crushing sound that seems to hinder the usual manner with which the windshield wiper should work. Crushing noise is disturbing and can make you think that the windshield will crack at any movement of the wiper. This can happen because the blade arm must have been attached very tightly to the linkage.

Never take any of the above signs for granted. You have to pay attention to such problems and have them repaired right away before it is too late. Purchase genuine Porsche windshield wipers from us and you can be sure that you will get rid of other problems in no time.