Do Porsche Cars Have Grilles?

Porsche grills, according to the manufacturer, do not exist. This is true for past as well as present models. But this has left many automobile enthusiasts wandering what exactly is the definition of a grille.

The Definition May Vary

Grilles are defined differently depending on the source. Merriam Webster states that the grille is a type of grating which forms a screen or barrier, or an ornament which is positioned on the front of the vehicle. Some people think that most contemporary cars actually have dual grilles, one on top, and another on the bottom.

However, Porsche states that the grille only refers to the upper portion, whereas the bottom part is basically the air intake. And as such, none of their models have ever utilized a grille. Prominent journalists within the automobile industry have spoken to head designers for a number of major companies, including Porsche and Volkswagen, to clarify the issue. They reaffirmed their definition while explaining the air intake in depth.

Air Intakes versus Grilles

Every Porsche model, whether it be the 718 Cayman, 911 Turbo or Panamera has an air intake. It is located in the section that many people refer to as being the grille. In the eyes of the head designers, any car which has a single opening up front is automatically defined as being part of the bottom section, which in turn means that it is an air intake.

Porsche Design History

The earliest models produced by Porsche utilized rear engines. As a consequence, there was never a need for prominent openings up front, so the classical grille never became a part of the Porsche lexicon. Today, Porsche does produce cars that have engines up front, but according to head designers, the zero grille approach has remained. From an engineering perspective however, it has been challenging to keep the look for models which need extensive amounts of air, such as the Macan or Cayenne.

Many automobile collectors, including those who are fans of Porsche, consider the discussion to be somewhat pedantic, and this is understandable to a degree. Looking at the basic definition makes it pretty that clear that all openings which utilize a grate in some form are grilles, regardless of whether it is on the top or bottom. Furthermore, when you inspect the Porsche Cayenne carefully, you will notice that it clearly has a lower section which is well defined.

One of the things that should be taken into consideration is the fact that Porsche is one of the oldest and most prestigious automakers on Earth. Once a company achieves the type of success that they’ve had, they’re able to begin defining their own rules, to a degree. Put another way, since Porsche is no ordinary car company, one should not expect their vehicles to adhere to the normal rules which are associated with most car markers. At the end of the day, whether you refer to it as an air intake or grilles, having this information provides a deeper understanding of how Porsche views design.