Do You Know How To Replace Porsche Front Seats?

There are many reasons why you might want to replace the front seats of your Porsche. You might perhaps want to upgrade to better seats. It could also be that your old seats are worn, damaged or stained and you might decide to give your car interior a facelift with some new seats. Whatever the case, replacing your Porsche front seats is not as complex as it sounds. With the right tools and knowledge, you can swap your front seats in no time. Here is how to go about it.

Step One: Disable The Battery

The reason why you need to disconnect the battery is because the front seats have a variety of electrical functions (height adjustment, seat heating and so on) and not disabling the battery might cause electrical problems in the seat functions or in other electrical components of the car. At this point, remove all floor mats and anything else on the floor that might make it hard for you to reach the rail bolt covers.

Step Two: Remove Seat From The Guide Rail

Look for the bolts that hold the guide rails on the seats and slide the seat forward. Using the pointed end of your screwdriver, remove the end-caps that cover the rail bolts. Remove these bolts and slide the seat backward and repeat the process again with the front bolts. When this stage is complete, the only thing that should still be attached to the seat is the electrical wiring mechanism which is what you will deal with next.

Step Two: Disconnecting The Wiring

Lift the seat to have access to the wiring harness but not too much as to disconnect the electrical wires. The harness has a small plastic release tab which, if pressed with the flat end of a screwdriver should release the harness from the metal clamp making it easier to remove the bolt that holds it in place. After that, you can unbolt the harness in its entirety or you can choose to remove each electrical connector individually.

Step Three: Removing The Seat

Once guide rails and the electrical harness have been detached from the seat, you should be able to remove the seat. If you were working inside the car, step outside and carefully lift the seat out of the car. Do it slowly and carefully so that you can be sure that there is nothing still holding the seat to the car.


Step Four: Installing New Seats

Installing your new seats will simply be the reverse of the process we have detailed above. Place your new seat into position and then start by reconnecting the electrical harness back to the metal clamp on the seat or reconnecting the individual connectors. Once that is done, reconnect the guide rails and bolt the seats in place. Finally, test to see that the electrical functions of your new seats are ok and that the seats are firmly bolted in place.

Replacing your new Porsche seats is not a complex task. Remember to check with the owner’s manual of your Porsche to ensure that you get the right front seats for your model.