Do You Need Porsche Spoilers?

The rear spoiler of a car is that part of the car that protrudes from the boot. It is likely to be found in fast sports cars and most people who are not car enthusiasts might not understand what function the spoiler plays. Does your Porsche need spoilers? Read on to find out the answer to that question.

Spoilers Boost Fuel Efficiency

Spoilers help to make a car more aerodynamic by guiding the flow of air around its body when it is in motion. The rear spoiler does not work alone on this. Most cars are designed with aerodynamics in mind; so much of the shaping on the front end of the car, such as the bonnet and grilles is usually done to ease air flow. Improvement in aerodynamics means that the car encounters less resistance when in motion and thus uses less fuel in general.

Helps With Traction                       

When cars move very fast, there is usually a tendency for cars to ‘lift’ as a result of airflow beneath the car. For sports cars and models that are designed with high-speed handling in mind, this lift can make the car unstable at high speed and can even be dangerous to some extent. The purpose of the spoiler is to apply down-force thus counter any effect of lift on the car. Spoilers redirect the air flowing above and around the car in a way that they apply downward pressure on the car thus improving traction. In some car models, spoilers retract or extend automatically if the vehicle control system senses that excessive lift might be affecting the handling of the car.

Increase Visibility

When you are driving a car with a reduced profile such as a sports car, it might be hard for a driver coming up behind to see you. Spoilers mitigate against that by raising the back profile of the car thus making it more visible from behind. This visibility is further enhanced by the placement of brake lights on the raised spoilers ensuring that it is very difficult for a driver approaching from behind not to notice you.

Reduce Car Weight

Before manufacturers started fitting spoilers in their cars, the only other practical way to counter lift was to increase the weight of the car. This way, the force of gravity would counter lift and ensure that the car stayed firmly on the ground. The problem with that was that making cars heavier also made them fuel inefficient as the engine had to haul more weight around. Spoilers solve this problem by applying downforce to counter lift without the need to weigh down the car. That way, manufacturers are able to design cars that are light and fuel efficient while keeping those cars stable at high speed.

As you can see, spoilers don’t just exist for decorative purposes. They serve important functions that will help improve your Porsche’s handling, fuel economy and safety. In other words, adding a spoiler to your Porsche will help make it a much better car to drive.