Does My Porsche Amp Need A Fuse?

Your car audio could do with some improvements. Most cars only come with a head unit and four speakers, and while the quality may be good, it is not usually the best. Most likely, your Porsche did not come from the factory with an amplifier. This means you won’t have much of a choice if you love music. You’ will simply have to spice things up a little by going for an amplifier. That will just be the beginning. You will also need fuses and of course, relays. Read on to learn more.

When Do You Need A Car Amplifier Fuse?

Short circuits issues are common in cars that have extra wiring. They tend to occur especially where wiring was either done poorly or where the wiring system hasn’t been inspected for a while. If you have purchased an amplifier which has a built-in fuse, then that is great. However, it does not mean that you shouldn’t worry about short circuits. The fuse is mainly put in place to protect the amp. It does not provide much protection to the rest of the car’s working. Your primary concern here should be the power wire of the amp itself.  Remember that short circuits can cause fire or damages that will most likely force you to dig deep into your pockets.  With that in mind, invest in a high quality amp fuse.

What Are Types Of Fuses For Amps?

You can use an inline fuse, which is similar to a blade fuse. This type of fuse is installed directly into the fuse holder and connects to the inline power line for the amp. The other option is a barrel fuse which typically has a fuse held which takes the form a plastic tube which holds the barrel fuse. This type of fuse is also installed into the fuse holder which connects to the inline power line.

What Is The Right Fuse Location?

When installing an amp fuse in your Porsche, it is imperative that you select the right location. It is always best to install the inline fuse for your amp between the battery and the power cable. To avoid disaster, place the fuse on your batter instead of your amp.  In case you set the fuse on your amp, and the power cable shorts out between the fuse and the battery, then the fuse will not be able to provide any protection at all.

What Is The Right Fuse Size?

In addition to selecting the right location, you also need to choose the correct fuse size if you are working with a fuse that is too small, then it may blow during the normal operations of your car, and if it is too big, then you may even be faced with an electrical fire. Hence, it is essential that you take careful analysis of your car and your amp before you select a fuse size.