How Do I Fix Stuck Porsche Windows?

Ending up with a stuck window on a busy highway is perhaps something you never have to worry about. Why should you when you drive a Porsche? The good news is, you may never experience a stuck window if you drive a Porsche. There’s no bad news only that the window may actually get stuck, something that is extremely are especially in modern Porsche models.

There are a few quick fix solutions depending your Porsche model. Note too that manual and automatic models do not have a universal solution. Either way, the window could be stuck because of any of the following reasons.

Lockout Switch

The intricate details and design specifics that go into Porsche models to ensure efficiency can easily mean a hitch will be imminent solely because of something so subtle. Take the safety lockout switch for example. You have to disable it first before the window can go up or down. So if you accidentally activated yours, deactivate it first then try to roll up or roll down the window.


It is easy to overlook the fuse mainly because of its size. As small as it is, it is in most cases, the sole component behind an electrical part of your car that works and one that doesn’t. If all the windows fail to roll up or down, inspect your car for a blown out fuse. If there is a blown fuse, replace it with a new one. If after replacing the fuse, it blows again, inspect the whole circuit.  Be sure to use the recommended fuse.


Consider swapping switches where possible. Think of this though, as a quick fix solution. Then while at it, keep in mind that some Porsche models feature identical switches while others do not. For the former option, swapping shouldn’t be a problem as all switches are compatible.  Swap a switch from one window that does not work with a switch that works. If the window rolls up and down after that, then one can conclude that the switch is faulty.

Window Motor

It may also be that the window motor has blown. In some cars, the window motors are usually on the same circuit. This means the window motor gets the power from the same fuse. If this is the case, then all the windows will stop working at once. Replace any blown fuse with a new one.  For safety purposes, do not replace a blown fuse with a larger one or else it may cause fire if it blows again. Remember you may not be able to confirm if the window motor has blown by just looking at it. In that case, use a voltmeter.

Master Switch

Try the power switch on the driver's side if the window on the passenger sit does not roll up. If this works, then the switch at the passenger seat is bad and needs to be replaced. Note that the master switch more or less like the center unit. A glitch on it however minor, means the whole power window system will break down, so you’ll have to replace it with a new one or fix the wiring issue.