How Do I Go About Buying A Cold Air Intake For My Porsche?

There is a direct link between how your Porsche engine performs and the type of cold air intake you buy. This may sound farfetched from the outside but on a second look, the link becomes clear. You only need to understand how the cold intake system works.

How It Works

 In a nutshell, the cold air intake is a bolt on- aftermarket replacement for your Porsche’s stock air intake system. It is designed to draw enough air from the outside, flow it through the air filter and release it to the throttle body of a fuel injected engine. The air then mixes with either diesel or gasoline. The end result is vapor which gets injected into the engine cylinder heads and finally into the combustion chamber to be properly burned. Note that contrary to what many people think, the cold air intake system does not in any way make air colder. It simply gets rid of heat generated from the Porsche stock air intake primarily because of its location. Here’s how to go about buying one for your Porsche.

Vehicle Specific Design

When it comes to cold air intake systems, there is no ‘one size fits all’. That’s because many intake manufacturers design their intake systems to fit specific vehicle types, engine models and makes. As such, the first thing you need to do is verify that the intake system you intend to order is recommended for your Porsche series.


As already noted, the intake serves one main purpose – to remove heat and make it easy for cold air to flow into the engine. This means what your intake system is made of matters a great deal. With that in mind, go for an intake system made of a heat resistant material.

Air Intake Style

There are two main systems of cold air intake. There’s the true cold air intake system and the short ram system. The short ram system basically makes accessing the air filter more efficient and easier. The design is simple with very little fabrication and ‘plumbing’. True cold air intake on the other hand places great emphasis on moving your car’s air filter as far forwards as possible. It therefore produces more supplemental cold air compared to the short ram design.

Intake Flow Tube

Do not underestimate or ignore the flow of your air intakes tubing. Keep in mind that when it comes to the air intake system, straight lines or rather tubes make everything easy. When you have hoses and tubes that are straight, air flows easily and efficiently as opposed to when your air intake system has tubes and valves that are curved.

Water Protection 

Go for a Porsche cold air intake system with enough shielding from both wet weather and water. The very last thing you want is to have moisture and water sucked into the system. This never ends well with the engine. In fact, water inside the engine, however little can cause engine failure. With that in mind, be sure to go for a cold air intake system with sturdy water protection.