How Do I Maintain The Fresh Factory Lustre Of My Porsche Paint Job?

Keeping your Porsche spotless and shiny might sound and seem like a pastime of the exceedingly obsessive. It may also seem as a favorite pastime of those who are still in awe in their first giddy few weeks or new car ownership. Either way, putting some extra effort into looking after your Porsche’s paint job always pays dividends down the road, especially when it comes to cashing in on the car.

There are of course, so many other common and not so common perks that come along with thorough paintjob maintenance for your Porsche. For instance, a well maintained paint job means you won’t have to worry about rust. It also means a good first impression to whoever sees your car, buyer or not. But how in the first place should one go about maintaining a car to achieve that one of a mind paint job that’s too good to ignore? Read on to learn more.

Watch Out The Sun

You’ll quickly notice that car paint preventive maintenance boils down to one critical thumb rule. That is, reduce exposure to the sun and other inclement weather conditions as much as possible. Acid rain and exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun can easily damage Porsche paint layers. The aftermath is always some form of lustre that doesn’t just appeal. Park under a shade if you have to preferably beneath carports or even in underground car parks.

Trees may sound as a good alternative where you have no choice but to park outside. Keep in mind though that trees sometimes play host to insects that drop sticky residue. Worse still, trees serve as perch for different birds that eventually leave their droppings on your car. The droppings are not just unhygienic, they are also highly acidic. They soften car paint especially under intense sunlight. The acidic composition can also easily dissolve car paint and permanently damage lustre.


Washing is where you can easily get maintenance right or wrong. The rules here are simple. Do not leave grime or dirt on the paint surface for too long. Do that and the dirt and grime will start bonding with paint. This will leave your Porsche’s paint finish with an ugly and rough feeling. You’ll also be forced to spend too much of your time and money. Clay bar, can come in handy though especially on your Porsche grilles. It is a  blu tac material used to safety remove stubborn contaminants and stains that can’t be removed by polishing or washing.

Automatic Wash

Concerns on whether or not automatic car washes are ideal for your Porsche are valid. Experts advise against it. The best you can do should you go for automatic wash is to consider contact less water jet washing machines. Remember that that even for this option, you’ll still have to work on your Porsche grilles. The goal is not just to end up with a clean Porsche for a moment. The goal is to end up with a Porsche whose lustre and allure remains intact and appealing for years.