How Long Do Porsche Heater Control Valves Last?

Your Porsche engine is extraordinary in so many ways. It is designed with perfection and of course, performance in mind. It must therefore, always be at its peak, at its optimum or as some experts put it, it must be simply flawless. For that to happen, other components must also be flawless. Take the heater control valve for instance. You may not know it but, it ensures the engine is always at the right temperature by supplying it with enough coolant. This alone makes it vital because a slight glitch on the heater control valve means your Porsche engine performance will be compromised. As such, your best bet is to know how to take good care of not just the engine but also other components and parts that support it such as the valve. Read on to learn more.

How It Works

Coolant flow from the Porsche engine to the heater core is important for the aforementioned reasons. You don’t have to worry though about how often you should maintain or inspect the heater control valve. The rule here is pretty simple. Simply regulate the flow by ensuring that you always have a fully functional and working heater control valve. This should be enough to ensure your Porsche heater control valve lasts for as long as 10 years or more without calling for a repair or replacement.

Repairs And Replacements

There are quite a number of things that can mess up coolant floor. This usually has a lot to do with damage to a part of the heater control valve. Note that the heater control valve goes to work each time you crank up your car. That’s because its main job is to ensure that the internal temperature of the engine is regulated. In other words, your engine can overheat once the heater control valve fails to feed it with enough coolant.

The Actual Lifespan

This may sound strange but the actual heater control valve lifespan is supposed to be equal to that of the car. It should simply last as long as the car does. This does not mean though that there may not come a time when for one reason or another you have to replace it. The inner part can easily because corroded because of the coolant which passes through it so many times a day, as long as the engine is runs.

When To Consider Replacement

Porsche heater control valves do not just fail without warning. They first exude symptoms of failure which you need to heed to. The coolant may start leaking or the heater in the car will simply fail to work. At this stage, the Check Engine light may or may not turn on.You may also notice traces of coolant on the floor in the morning where you usually part your car overnight. All these are signs of a compromised heater control valve. There isn’t much you can do on your own to fix the problem. Your best bet is to have a mechanic inspect the valves and decide whether or not your Porsche needs a replacement.