How Long Do Porsche Manual Transmissions Last?

The raging debate goes on and on. Which one between Porsche automatic and manual transmission systems work better? Which one guarantees a unique driving experience? It all boils down to a matter of preference. For the manual transmission though, a different question tends to linger in the back of the mind of manual transmission enthusiasts? Just how long does the system last? How exactly should one go about maintaining the system? Read on to learn more.

The Basics

Porsche stick shifts last for long. This is however, dependent on factors like your driving style and habits. Many manual drivers are often forced to change the clutch as well as the transmission fluid before they consider a new transmission. Note though, that failure to regularly maintain these parts always hurts transmission. It also cuts short the automatic transmission’s lifespan. Despite this fact, there are quite a number of perks that come along with manual transmissions. For instance, with automatic transmission, there are fewer chances for electrical or hydraulic failures. That’s because manual transmission systems are made up of simple stuff which include the gear stick, the clutch pedal and gears.

Imminent Failure

You can easily tell when your Porsche’s automatic transmission is about to fail or is likely to fail. When one fails, chances are that it will have failed as a result of leaking manual transmission which needless to say, does not usually need changing. The best you can do is to consider system repair.

Driving Style

Your Porsche manual transmission and its supporting components should make it easy for you to cover more than 120,000 miles. This is subject to factors such as proper driving and maintenance of all components that are in one way or another connected to the transmission system. It does not end there. Proper usage of the clutch and the stick shifter can have in impact on your transmission’s longevity. Be gentle with the transmission. Additionally, regular off road driving will mean you have to consider maintenance regularly. For instance, you may have to consider replacing heat damaged oil after every 10,000 to 15,000 miles.

Other Factors

There are so many other factors that can significantly have an impact on how long your Porsche’s manual or automatic transmission will last. Use of the wrong fluid is a good example of a factor that can damage the manual transmission system. The fluid surrounds key components like gears. It then transfers heat to make sure the gears move swiftly without wearing down. Remember each manual transmission system is unique. One model may use manual transmission fluid A while another model may use manual transmission fluid type B. Use the right fluid for your Porsche model. Refer to the car manual to be sure.  Engine braking is yet another habit that can force you to repair or even replace the whole manual transmission system sooner than you expect. When you downshift to slow mode instead of simply engaging the brake system, you enhance the brake’s lifespan. That’s not the case though with the manual transmission. Shift to neutral, release the clutch then engage the brakes. This works well for your manual transmission.