How Long Does A Porsche Car A/C Compressor Last?

A car is made up of several important components. Most of us do not really pay much attention to the functions of these parts. As long as our car takes us to our daily trips without causing much hassle, then we do not mind at all not knowing about how crucial each car part is to getting that smooth ride. The Porsche car A/C compressor is just one of those parts that are often neglected. If you want to know how long it will last, it pays to get to know this component better.

Functions of A/C Compressors

The A/C compressor, as we all know, is that part that makes hot summer days cooler when driving down the road. It works by compressing refrigerant, with the end result sent to the air condenser. The A/C compressor's functions cannot be made, though, without the help of the power that comes from the engine's drive belts. From there, the pressurized refrigerant will be converted to gas which will then circulate into the tubes. This will lead to converting the heat coming from the gas, and once released, will be the main reason why the air conditioning system releases cool air. The cooled air will also be sent back to the compressor. In this case, it will be reverted back to its liquid form.

How Long Does the A/C Compressor Last?

There are several factors that dictate how long an A/C compressor can last. The compressor assembly, once it reaches its age, will mean that there is a need to replace it. Major issues are rare for Porsche car air conditioning compressors, though. As with other car parts, a certain mileage and the car's age will add up to the compressor's wear and tear. Throughout those years, parts begin to fail then can lead to malfunctioning later. You will notice this once there is little to no cool air being released to the car cabin.

Keeping the Compressor in Top Shape

Running the A/C compressor regularly is one way by which you can keep it in shape and extend its longevity. There are cars that specifically use the compressor for other functions, such as ventilation, heating, and defrosting. In case your car does not have any of these extra functions, it is best to run the compressor once each month, for at least 10 months. You should do the same even during those cold winter months.

Replacing Car Compressors and How it Affects the Lifecycle

Take note that apart from age and mileage, one reason that dictates the life of an A/C compressor is when you already replaced it. If you have had your compressor replaced, chances are it will not last as long as the original part lasted. Do not fret because you can always look for original A/C compressors that come with a year's warranty to ensure that you are getting the right product replacement.

Of course, you must remember to take good care of your car's A/C compressor. This is one way to ensure that the part will last as guaranteed by your product and service provider.