How Many Times Should I Change Porsche Oil Filters

Depending on the person you ask, you will get different answers to this simple question of how many times should I change Porsche oil filters. Car makers often recommend replacing oil filters every time you change the oil. Oil and oil filters manufacturers recommend you replace the filters every time you change the oil, which should happen every 3 months or 3,000 miles (whichever comes first).

Why Change Oil Filters with Every Oil Change?

The oil filters are made of fabric and paper materials that are arranged in pleats. These pleats trap dirt that is a few microns in size and thwarts it from circulating via the engine, where it can begin to collect on rotating assemblies leading to damage.

The dirt easily gets to the engine when the oil circulates if the filters are totally saturated and cannot trap any more dirt. Previously trapped dirt is still held by the filters but they cannot trap any more dirt and that’s why you need to change the filters with every oil change.

Benefits of Changing Oil Filters With Every Oil Change

There are dozens of reasons for this but the main ones are:

  • Full-Flow Filtration Process: The full-flow filtration process simply means that the oil goes from the reservoir to your Porsche engine through the oil filters. The filters are the first line of defense against elements.
  • Reducing engine wear: There is a chance that the oil will not flow freely to the engine if the oil filters are clogged. Fresh oil filters will ensure that purified oil reaches your engine, prolonging its useful life.
  • Reducing maintenance costs: By changing the oil and oil filter at a go, you reduce the overall cost of maintaining your Porsche.
  • Soiling the new oil: If you leave your old oil filters you will soil the new oil since it will need to move via the dirty filters.

Guidelines for Proper Oil Filter Replacement

There are three conditions that will dictate you to change Porsche oil filters. These are:

Change Oil Filters With Each Oil Change

This is already clear by now – change the oil filters with every oil change. The filters will cost you a few bucks but not replacing them will lead to the additional cost of repairing the engine. If you leave them on, the will soil the fresh oil as soon as you start that your Porsche engine. Again, if you remove the oil filters before the time for oil change comes, you will waste the remaining oil.

Service Engine Light Is On

You might also need to replace the oil filters if the service engine light is on. When this light is on, it means that the engine isn’t working properly due to debris and grime being in the system. Of course, there are other factors that can make the light to be on.

Driving In More Severe Conditions

These conditions include towering heavy loads, extreme temperature, and stop-and-go traffic. They make your Porsche engine to work even harder, which makes your car require frequent maintenance of different parts, including the oil filters. 

Longer Lasting Oils

A must-know tip for keeping your oil filters in top-condition is using high-end synthetic oil. This oil is more distilled and refined than normal oil, meaning that it won’t clog easily and will last longer. You can go for over 5,000 miles without the need for replacing your car oil filters if you use this oil.