How Many Types Of Porsche Air Intake Systems Are There?

Porsche air intake systems are designed to increase air flow into the engine. They boost combustion and at the same time, create more torque and horsepower. In simple words, a good air intake system ensures your car picks up speed well. That explains why your car will have a hard time accelerating anytime the air intake system has a problem. It is strange though how despite what they do, air intake systems are easy to maintain. They are actually bolt on in most cases. But like you are about to find out, there are several types of air intake systems in the market. Read on to learn more about them.

Short Ram Air Intakes

Just like Porsche cold air assemblies, short ram air intake systems are made to replace the conventional factory intake tube, the air filter box and the air filter. They feature air tubes that are short mainly because the filter must be closer to the engine. The air they draw into the system is not always as cool as cold air intakes. However, they offer the advantage of easily fitting in tighter spaces in cramped Porsche engine compartments.

Ram Air Intakes

The ram air design is yet another reliable method of channeling cool air into the engine. That is where ram air intakes come into the picture.  The system features longer tube scoops that scoop up air from different high pressure areas located at the front area of the vehicle. Unlike cold air intake systems which have their air filters positioned at front side of the tube, ram air intakes have air filters that are mounted at the back. Ram air intakes may also be equipped with extra pre-filters at the front solely for protection from dust and splash up from the road.

Throttle Body Spacers

The throttle body spacer is not really an air intake system. It is another way of improving engine airflow. The spacer is installed between the intake manifold and the throttle body. Once it is in place, the interior baffles quickly create some turbulence as incoming air swiftly passes through the throttle body. The throttle body spacer atomizes fuel charge as the turbulent air arrives inside the engine cylinders. This increases engine efficiency and improves combustion.

Custom Air Intake Systems

They come in handy for old Porsche models. With a well-customized air intake system, you can be sure of improved cold air induction into the car engine. The customized air intake system will also improve sound and power through the rev range. All you have to do is ensure that the custom air intake system is made of genuine carbon filter for durability and strength.

Point To Note

Your Porsche’s air intake system does exactly the same thing your lungs do. It breathes in and filters air that circulates throughout the car. To put this into perspective, Porsche air intake systems use a precise ratio of fuel and oxygen so as to effectively combust and ignite. This means if the air intake system is not in optimum condition, the engine will suffer. The best you can do to ensure this never happens is to take your car for scheduled servicing and maintenance at least three times a year.  That is once every three months or more if you can.