How Many Types Of Porsche Off Road Bumpers Are There?

Porsche is a classic example of a model that excels everywhere. No matter where you drive the model, comfort and luxury are guaranteed. It is strange though how much of what is available online has very little to do with Porsche off road basics. Take Porsche off road bumpers for instance. While there are so many stores that offer customized and conventional Porsche off road bumpers, little has been written about what it takes to buy a good Porsche off road bumper. This shouldn’t worry you because all you need to know if which type of an off road bumper is ideal for your Porsche. It could be any of the following off road bumpers.

Heavy Duty Bumpers

Porsche heavy duty bumpers feature large and massive construction details that guarantee strength and impact resistance. Since they are made of heavy gauge steel, they also guarantee battering ram protection levels. Porsche winch bumpers fall under this category. They are capable of winching huge amounts of weight, which is what makes them unique.

Modular Bumpers

They feature basic bumper designs that can be easily built up. They are more or less like customized off road bumpers mainly because customers can choose add-ons that they would like their modular bumpers to have. For instance, a Porsche modular bumper can be bought complete with stubby or full end caps for the corners. Modular bars can also be easily personalized to accommodate a winch mount, hoop bars, lights and more.

Pre-Runner Bumpers

They are simply tubular bumpers that are styled and deigned with one main tube running right across the width of the vehicle on which the bumper is fitted. They are slim in design, which means they are not as strong as heavy duty or modular bumpers. However, they offer a stylish and minimalist look. Some come along with an additional stinger bar or push bar branching off the central or the main tubular bumper.

Unlike all the other bumpers mentioned above, pre-runner bumpers offer the best departure and approach angles. This has a lot to do with their slim design. Note though that as much as pre-runner bumpers are strong for their size and aesthetically appealing, they are not designed to absorb high impacts.

Tubular Bumpers

They feature design elements that are similar to the ones pre-runner bumpers have. What sets them apart are multiple round bars that span the whole width instead of just one round bar as it is the case with other bumpers. Tubular bumper bars also tend to be larger and massive. This gives the driver a higher level of protection from impact. Note that tubular bumpers often come along with hoop and stinger bars.

Stinger Bumpers

They are designed to protrude further forward than all the aforementioned bumpers. They also angle upward at approximately 45 degrees. This means the stinger bars will come in contact with the ground first if you tip too far forward as you descend on a steep surface. Stinger bumpers are also designed to provide the necessary leverage as well as lift for sliding up over massive barriers.