How Many Types Of Porsche Solenoid Valves Are There?

Solenoid valves are designed to control the rate at which fluids, electricity and even gasses flow through different devices in your car. They are uniquely distinctive for many reasons.  They come in different types. Then there is the fact that they can carry out complex types with minimum difficulty. The fact that they come in different types means you can have an easy time looking for one that match your specialized needs. If you drive a Porsche for instance, you have no choice but to go for specific solenoid valves solely designed for Porsche models.  This means you will have to choose from any of the following types.

The Direct Acting Valve

It is simple in design but great in performance. It uses coil force to open the valve port by taking the pin from the Valve’s base.  They also rely on the level of the current available in the coil to work. One unique thing about direct acting valves is how they can open and close notwithstanding the pressure and the flow provided. This is as long as you do not surpass the maximum pressure.

Pilot Operated Valve

It includes a pilot as well as main valve seats complete with orifices. It also has a main valve diaphragm with a restraining orifice. The top part of the valve is made up of a pilot seat and a corresponding orifice. This design allows the pilot orifice to be opened and closed by the plunger. Inlet line pressure opens and closes the valve seal as pressure goes through the pilot orifice. This type of valve always needs full power to open and be kept open.

The Two Way Valve

It features an inlet and an outlet that facilitates liquid flow. The outlets also feature valves that can shot off liquid. It is important to note that two way solenoid valve functions are often referred to as ‘normally open’ or ‘normally closed’. For the valve to function, the inlet pipe must handle more pressure than the outlet pipe. This will force the liquid to pass via the two way valve. Equal pressure in each of the two pipes will make it impossible for liquid to flow.

The Three Way Valve

It is made of two orifices and three ports. One of the orifices is designed to stay close while the other is open. The three valves apply and exhaust pressure interchangeably. Note that the three valves are always indicated as universal, open or closed.

The Four Way Valve

Like the name suggests, it is made up of four pipe connection ports. The ports feature a pressure inlet pipe as well as two cylinder ports which apply pressure to the actuator. The remaining outlets then exhaust pressure from the cylinders.

Point To Note

Any type of solenoid valve depends on the differential pressure between the input and the output. The pressure at the input should always be higher than the pressure at the output for the valve to operate as it should. Then before buying any type of valve, take first into account the flow rate of the system, the type of fluid, type of material used to make the seals, compatibility with other components, pressure and temperature.