How To Buy Porsche Wing Mirrors Wisely

Your wing mirrors (also known as door mirrors or side mirrors) are critical components of your Porsche that assist you to make turns and switch lanes safely. This is because they enable you to see the sides of your car and thus switch lanes without bumping into other cars. However, because they stick out of the car, they are also very likely to be knocked off, broken or damaged during day-to-day driving. If your Porsche wing mirrors get damaged, here is how you can go about replacing them.

Wing Mirror Components

Sometimes the damage to your wing mirror might be so extensive that you need to replace the entire unit. The complete unit consists of the housing unit, the actual mirror glass and the back cover. The wiring, fuses and all the other electrical units that help in the smooth operations of the wing mirror are housed in the housing unit of the wing mirror. Depending on what is broken, you can replace the entire housing unit, the mirror glass or the back cover.

Buying The Whole Housing Unit

Changing the entire wing mirror unit is usually not hard as the unit comes in one package ready for installation. Ensure that you buy the correct unit for the side you want to replace. It can either be for the right side - Driver’s Side (RH or Off-side) or for the left side – passenger’s side (LH or Near Side). Ensure that the component has all the functionalities (warming, foldable, built-in indicator light and/or puddle light) before having it installed. The back cover on the unit is likely to come with a grey primer ready for a coat of paint to match the rest of the car. Ensure that you get the right color code for your Porsche color and get them back on the unit painted so as to match the rest of the car.

Buying The Mirror Element

The mirrors are the easiest element to replace in the three wing mirror components. It is recommended that you go for the original Porsche mirror as you will not lose functionalities like mirror heating and wide angle views. When you are buying the glass, be sure to tell the dealer which side of the car the mirror is for as the mirrors on the passenger and driver’s side are not the same. The one on the driver’s side is usually flatter than the other one in order to eliminate blind spots.

Buying The Cover Alone

If you have lost the back cover of your wing mirror, these can be purchased from your dealer and easily replaced. Ensure that you have the right cover for your Porsche model and that is comes primed in grey ready for painting.

 Replacing the parts of your wing mirror or the entire component is a straightforward task if you know what you are looking for.  Understanding the differences between the components of the wing mirrors is the key to saving on costs and getting the right parts.