How To Change Porsche 944 Turbo Pilot Bearings

Porsche is known for producing different car models each year. This means that these different car models have different components that you must be familiar with. In the case of the 944 Turbo, they contain special Porsche 944 Turbo pilot bearings that require different handling and care techniques during installation and replacement. On this page, you will learn how you can change these bearings.

Spot for Leaks

Usually, a faulty pilot bearing will come with a leak in the rear main seal. Remove the bell housing to check on that and you will gain access to the seal after you removed the flywheel. Removing the flywheel will also give you access to the crankshaft as well as the pilot bearing where the driveshaft is actually located.

Spotting leaks will be easy from this view already as you can see a recess found at the bottom of the seal right below the crankshaft. The leak may have originated from that part. Leaks may actually result from the fact that the seal was not properly aligned and seated on the machine surface. In this case, a small gap for oil to escape is left on that part thus leading to the leak. This part needs to be replaced.

Press in the New Rear Seal

After cleaning up the recess from the leak, you can now press in the new seal into place. It will be best to freeze the pilot bearing as well as the seal for some time before you apply a thin coat of lubricant or oil over it. This will help you slip it in place easily especially if you are not using any special tool to do so.

Remove the Pilot Bearing

In this process, you will need to put a small bolt into a hole where the vice grip is attached. Apply pressure on the vice grip by hammering it so that the bearing will easily pop out. It will take about half an hour of putting the new pilot bearing into the freezer for you to easily install it. Using a rubber mallet, the bearing can be easily placed.

How About the Front Main Seal?

After working on the rear main seal – from spotting leaks to removing and installing the pilot bearing, you can now proceed to the front main seal. In this case, you only have to do the same thing you did with the rear main seal. There is no difference in installing one whether rear or front.

Making it Simple

Changing the pilot bearings for your Porsche 944 Turbo can be easily done by following the hacks and tips mentioned above. You can also ask a technician to do the process for you especially if you are not familiar with these parts and you fear you might do the replacement the wrong way. On top of all these considerations, you better get all your materials ready, including the Porsche parts that you need so that you will not have a hard time reaching out for everything that you need later on.