How To Clean Porsche Wheels

The look of your Porsche wheels contributes significantly to the overall appearance of your Porsche.  With fabulous tires and rims, some of the imperfections on the body of your car will go unnoticed.  Maintaining this fabulous look of your Porsche tires and rims is not an easier task. This is because of the amount of dirt and stress that the wheels are subjected during every drive. Both plastic wheel caps and alloy rims require proper cleaning to ensure they do not lose their original look.

Tips on How to Clean Porsche Wheels


Choose a perfect cleaner: ensure that the cleaner of your choice does not react with the wheels or the rims

Have a sponge and a brush; it is advisable you use a soft brush to avoid scratching the wheel

Have enough water; preferable two different buckets. Add the cleaner to one of the buckets and leave it for some time

Ensure that the Porsche wheel is cool before moving to step 2

Wash the Wheel And The Tire

Using the sponge, brush and the water containing the cleaner, start cleaning the wheel

Clean from the top the wheel to the bottom. This ensures that dirt does not find its way back to the cleaned surface

Rinse the Wheel

Using the other bucket of water, rinse the wheel. Ensure that you use plenty of water to rinse off all the cleaner from the wheels thoroughly

These steps may seem easy and direct, but most people get them wrong. Let’s explore some of the most common mistakes that people make when cleaning a Porsche wheel;

  • Wrong choice of a cleaner: some of the cleaners in the current market are acidic. These cleaners slowly corrode the tires and rims thus making them dull with time. Alloy rims are more affected by acidic cleaners compared to plastic wheel caps
  • Washing all the wheels simultaneously: wheel cleaners tend to dry faster. It is advisable to wash and rinse one wheel at a time to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Use of hard brush: most people assume that the harder the brush, the better. Hard brushes will result in scratches which damage the look of your Porsche  wheels
  • Not cleaning the wheels: most people do not see the need to clean the wheels; after all, they will get dirty before they leave the driveway! This entirely wrong, dirt and brake dust are significant contributors to  the tearing and loss of the new-look of your Porsche tires  


Cleaning goes hand in hand with waxing. To finish off your cleaning job, it is advisable for you to wax your Porsche wheels frequently. Waxing makes both the rubber and rims of your Porsche wheels to shine and maintain the new- look appearance. Waxing also makes the Porsche wheels cleaning job more manageable. This because dirt cannot adhere to a waxed wheel firmly; thus most of is removed by just rinsing the wheel.