How To Clean Porsche Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers, like other car components, are important in a car. Once overlooked, these can compromise your safety while driving, in heavy rain and snow. It is therefore important to keep them in top shape all the time. Regular inspection and cleaning of Porsche windshield wipers is the secret to making sure you can count on these car parts during extreme weather conditions, or whenever bugs hit your windshield during evenings. Here is how you can do this easy task.

Look at Your Car's Windshield

Dirt can easily buildup over the car's windshield since your car comes in contact with pollutants, and other debris while you drive. When you notice there aren't any visible dirt over the surface, you can just stay relaxed and need not worry. If dirt is visible, however, you can wash the windshield and get rid of those debris on the surface. Simply rinse the area using a garden hose. This can help remove those tough-to-wash debris.

Lift the Wipers

Make sure that you place it at a position where you can easily clean the blades. You can try lifting the arm all the way through for better orientation. Some wipers can also be flipped so that the blade faces an upward position, and you can easily see the dirt that needs to be removed. If that is not possible, you can always get your hand under the part and clean it as usual.

Clean the Wipers

Once you have chosen the best orientation to easily clean your car wipers, you can start with the job. Be careful not to scratch over the windshield's surface. You can prevent that by putting a hand towel over the area. Now you can spray some cleaner over a paper towel. You can use two layers of paper towel to make cleaning the surface easier.

Wipe the wiper from one end going to the other end, then make back and forth motions until the wipers are sparkling, clean. You can check the paper towel for the amount of dirt that you have removed. Make sure you repeat this process by discarding soiled paper towels then using a new one until you no longer see a dirt on it.

Inspect the Blades Once More

You can do this by running your fingernail along the blade. This is important in checking that there is a consistent texture on the blade. If chunks or cuts are missing, or when other blemishes are spotted during this process, take that as a sign to replace the wiper blade.

When inspecting the wiper, you can also operate it using your car's washer fluid. Test the wipers such that it does not leave any streaks in both directions where it is moving. When it is streak-free then you are all done.

If you notice anything wrong in your windshield wipers, or the blades, while cleaning them, it will be best to check with a mechanic if it already needs replacement. You need to have this done right away so that you will not face any problem when using them later.