How To Deal With Noisy Porsche Brake Pads

You were driving around town when suddenly you hear a disturbing noise from your vehicle. You do not know where it comes from until you try to listen closely. What if you discover that your Porsche brake pads are actually causing the noise? How can you deal with the problem? While most European cars are equipped with a special electronic brake wear indicator to alert the driver of worn brakes, you still have to be familiar with how you can get rid of problems with noisy brake pads.

Why are Brakes Noisy in the First Place?

There are a lot of reasons behind why brake pads can be noisy. It can be because the wear indicator has already reached its point of contact. This is an obvious case of excessive wear on the parts. Also known as metal on metal contact, this is known as one of the most common causes why brake pads become noisy.

Another reason behind why brakes become noisy is the fact that there is a rapid vibration taking place on the brake pad. What is the culprit for this scenario, really? It is due to a free play that is taking place with the caliper.

Other Common Problems with Brake Pads

Apart from noisy brake pads, there are other things you will need to deal with for this part of your vehicle. One is the occurrence of dust. A lot of people tend to be confused when brake dust shows on the wheels. While others think that brake dust can be a problem, you need to consider this fact. Dusty brake pads is actually a sign that you have the best brakes. It is when you notice the dust particles disappear on your wheels that you should be alarmed about a worn out pad.

Another concern pops up when you notice that brake pads are wearing unevenly. In this case, you will find sticky calipers at fault. It is that instance when the caliper's piston has already slowed down movement. At the worst, it can lead to the fact that the pistons have seized completely. Piston boots may have been torn thus allowing foreign matters to settle inside when this is the case. On top of these concerns, another reason for an uneven wearing of car breaks is the use of an old brake fluid.

How to Solve Problems with Noisy Brake Pads

When you happen to notice that your brake pads are making noise, you need to have them checked. Any troubling sound should be taken as a sign that brake pads need to be replaced. Remember that ignoring this problem will just worsen the damage not just to the pads but all other braking components as well. You should not ignore this problem or else your driving conditions will be dangerous for you and your passengers.

Considering that there are other reasons that cause problems with the brake pads, you have to look for signs that say these parts already need replacement. Do not wait for the concern to worsen before you act on the problem.