How To Fit A Porsche Towbar

When you fit a towbar on to your car, you make it more flexible than it would ordinarily be. For example, you can tow a trailer or a caravan much more easily. The towbar makes this possible in two ways: It creates the needed support to help your chassis bear the weight of a trailer and secondly, supports the electrical systems that help with the trailer’s brake lights and turn signals. Therefore a towbar and other towing components are incredibly useful features to add to your Porsche. If you have average to moderately good mechanical skills, here is how you go about fitting one.

Prepare The Car

Because you will alter some electrical components of the car at some point, the first thing to do is to disconnect the power source (battery) on the car. It will also be necessary to disconnect the fog lights from the bumper. Unless you have done this before and are very familiar with the wiring system of your Porsche, it helps to label the wires that you disconnect so you know exactly where to put them back when you are done with the towbar.

Dismantle The Car Bumper

Once you have your electrical system disconnected, the next step is to remove the whole rear bumper. Different models use different mechanisms to hold the bumper in place so take a quick look at what holds your bumper. In most cases, it will be a combination of bolts, screws and clips. With the help of various tools, remove the bolts and screws and then unclasp any clips that may be holding the bumper in place. When you have done all that, the bumper should come off easily.

Find The Bolt Holes In The Chassis

The bolt holes that hold the towbar are built into the chassis of the car. Look beneath the vehicle at the back to locate those two holes. If you can’t find them, you will need to use the brackets that normally come with the towbar kit. These brackets serve to connect the towbar to the chassis. On the bolt holes in the chassis (or using the brackets), screw the tow bar in, ensuring that is held firmly in place. Check to confirm that all the bolts are screwed in tightly before moving to the next stage of this installation.

Finish The Wiring

The last stage is to wire the light system into the towbar. Usually, the wires that run into the car lighting system are splined and redirected to the tow bar. This task requires a fairly decent knowledge of the wiring system. If you are not comfortable doing this, there are lighting kits that are bought separately that can help you wire up your towing system. The end result should be that the lighting system on your trailer should work exactly the same as that of the rear end of your car.

Once you have the wiring in place, you can then replace the bumper and then test your tow bar with an actual trailer to see if everything works.