How To Fix A Broken Porsche Light Socket

A Porsche car, being the luxury car that it is, is gifted with several components that are crucial to the way the vehicle functions. Among such are the Porsche lighting components which includes anything from composite headlamps and bi-xenon headlights to headlamp housing and headlamp assemblies. One more critical part of the list of lighting components for this luxury car is the Porsche light socket. Once this gets broken, you need to fix it right away.

Replace the Bulb

This is one of the things you can do to fix a broken light socket. You can access the bulb right under the car's hood. Turn the retaining ring and then pull the socket out. Remove the old bulb from here and then replace it with the new one that you have purchased. Make sure that you wipe away oil or grease on your hands when installing the new bulb. Otherwise, the replacement bulb will fail. When you are done, you can then return the light socket as well. Turn on the light to see if they work.

Clean It

Sometimes the reason for having a broken light socket boils down to problems with corrosion. When this is the case, you simply have to clean the socket. Start by turning off the light switch before removing the bulb. Using a special cleaner called the electrical contact cleaner, one that can be purchased from stores that are selling auto parts, you can clean the socket. If you notice signs of heavy corrosion, you can use a wire brush or scrape it off using a small screwdriver.

Test It

Make sure you have checked all contacts for the headlight. Turning on the light switch, you should connect the tester to a screw found on the body of the car. Probe the contacts in order to check if the tester will light. For corroded contacts, make sure to carefully scratch the area. From here, you can check if two out of the three contacts will light. Once the two contacts light then you can insert the bulb. In case the bulb still won't work after you have tested the contacts then the socket needs replacement. Make sure that two contacts are not tested simultaneously or else you can blow a fuse or experience short circuit while you are testing or checking on the problem.

Test Power on the Wires

When the socket may have gone bad, you need to test the power on the wire. Using a tester, you can push through the wire insulation. This is found behind the light socket. Make sure that the tester will light for two out of the three wires. If it does then you can say that the wiring is good. In this case, again, it is the socket that needs to be replaced.

On top of all the things you did when fixing a broken light socket, you have to make sure that the test light works. This should be connected to the battery's negative terminal. The probe end should then touch the battery's positive side.