How To Get Your Porsche Ready For The Winter

There are plenty of challenges that your Porsche has to handle during the winter season. The salted streets, freezing temperature, heavy snowfalls, and icy roads are just some of them. Getting into an accident or getting stranded are common under these weather conditions. These preventative measures will come handy so your car gets prepared and geared up for the next big chill.  

Take Your Car For A Service

Routine maintenance is required in all kinds of weather and is most especially during the cold months. All the major systems must be checked with more focus on the battery, heating system, tires, and the brakes. What needs to be changed, like bare tire treads, must be changed prior to the dreaded weather. A firm grip is necessary for the icy roads.

Check The Oil

The cold weather will make the motor oil thick and this will cause a huge impact on the whole engine. Very thick oil can beat up the engine too much that it may not work as great as expected. Check with your manual for recommendations about multi-viscosity oil that is formulated specifically for winter use. Take note that the oil filter must be replaced too in order to reach the maximum oil flow.

Check The Exterior Lights

Driving in daytime during winter is already dangerous, much more so when driving at night! It is important to check that all exterior lightings are fully working to ensure clear visibility and prevent accidents from happening. It is also recommended to have extra bulbs ready as salt and dirt may cause buildup that reduces the glow from the lights.

Test The Seatbelts

Seatbelts are great safety features in any car, especially the high-end ones like your Porsche. Make sure that all seatbelts work and that no replacement is necessary before every trip. Do this especially when you are going on a long drive with the whole family to ensure that every passenger is safe at their seats.

Do Not Forget The Wiper Blades

Wiper blades get worn out fast during extreme weather conditions. Streaks or missed areas on the glass are signs that the wipers need to be changed. It is not safe to have less than perfect blades all winter long. Replacing them is easy so you can do it at any time before the winter.

Make Your Own Winter Car Breakdown Kit

Being prepared for the worst will reduce the stress you will feel should any untoward incident will happen while driving in winter. A shovel to remove the snow, extra blankets, torchlight, hi-visibility vest, scraper, and shoe snow grips will be very helpful if included in the kit. This kit will ensure that you can get by on your own while help is on the way.

It can be very scary to have your Porsche break down during extremely cold weather. Preparing your car long before the dreaded season will somehow make each drive a lot safer so you will be more focused on your driving.