How To Identify A Malfunctioning Porsche Wiper Motor

The windshield wiper motor gives the power to make the wipers work. It is composed of several parts that make the wipers swipe up and down the windshield. It even has a sensor to help the wipers park properly at the bottom of the windshield.

When the wipers are down, it can cause a lot of trouble especially when traveling through a rainy or snowy weather. Determine the need to replace the Porsche wiper motor by checking for the following signs and symptoms of a wiper motor failure. 

Motionless Wipers

When the wipers don’t move at all upon switching the control on, they might not be receiving any power from the motor. In some fortunate cases, only the wiper relay is faulty and a minor repair is required. But once the wiper motor is really having trouble, the wipers will never operate unless the motor is replaced.

The Wipers Move Slow

The wipers have an ideal speed that you must have gotten used to. Once it starts to slow down, go check for any debris on the moving parts like the wiper arm. This will increase friction that makes the turn over slow. For this problem, the solution is as simple as removing the debris and cleaning out the motor and its parts. The wipers will regain its normal speed when the motor is freed up from the debris.

The Wipers Move at One Speed Only

When the wipers don’t change in speed after setting it at different levels, there is a probability that the intermittent relay has malfunctioned. Although a motor replacement is not required, an expert mechanic should look it over to correctly diagnose and repair the problem.

The Wipers Don’t Return to the Resting Point

It is dangerous to have the wipers at the middle of the windshield. It can block the view and accidents can happen when the vision is compromised. While it can be a simple problems that will only require realignment of the arms, the problem could also be on the motor itself which should be addressed right away.

What Can You Do

If you do not have an idea of how to diagnose a broken windshield wiper, seek the help of an expert who can. Someone who has the right tools can perform a thorough inspection and will advise you on what to do next.

If there is a need to replace the motor or other components, make sure to buy from reliable dealers who supplies quality parts and replacements for Porsche vehicles. It is recommended to buy only genuine Porsche parts and accessories like windshield wipers, Porsche starters, axles, and others because it will help keep your car in its best condition.

Proper diagnostics and precise identifying of the problem is important in getting your wipers fixed. Consult a certified mechanic to have the best solutions for any windshield motor- related issues.