How To Identify Porsche Ignition Issues

Ignition switch is a vital part of any vehicle, but over a period of time, you may observe some malfunctioning. Here are a few common Porsche ignition issues you may face, either on a regular basis or once in a while.

Ignition Switch Not Turning

Sometimes when you insert the key, the ignition switch does not turn. It may be due to a load on the steering linkage, or due to the jammed key. Use a spare key to see if it works. If you find it difficult to turn the ignition switch in either direction, make sure to lubricate it. It is recommended to use a nonconductive lubricant such as aerosol electronics cleaner or dielectric silicon grease.

Engine Does Not Crank

Ignition switch is responsible for passing the current, and if nothing happens when it is turned on, there may be a fault in the starting circuit or problem with the switch. If the headlights are working fine, you don’t have any issue with the battery. It is mostly due to an electrical fault.

Engine Fails To Start

The Porsche ignition issue in this case may be related to anti-theft fault. The computer prevents the engine from starting, when the anti-theft light is flashing. This could be due to a wiring fault between the switch and computer, a key fob or a bad receiver in the ignition switch. Reprogramming the computer may help. If this is not related to anti-theft alarm, then the problem is with the engine not getting enough spark or fuel. If the engine cranks much slower than usual, it may be because of low voltage to the starter.

Engine Dies Suddenly When Driving

This is commonly related to worn out ignition switch. It can result in temporary loss of voltage, as a result of vibration or heat. Any power lost through ignition switch will make the engine suffer. Ignition switches can wear out with time, and replacement may be required in some cases.

Key Stuck In The Switch

Sometimes when you turn the engine off, the key doesn’t come out of the switch. This is possibly due to the binding in the steering lock. You need to get the click sound by wiggling the steering wheel. In case that doesn’t solve the problem, your system may have a defective column locking mechanism.

Key Broken Inside The Switch

In this situation, the best option you have is to get the broken key removed by a locksmith, rather than experimenting it yourself. There’s every chance you may end up damaging the ignition switch completely. If you don’t have a spare key, get a new one duplicated. If your car has a smart key, the new one will have to be reprogrammed by a professional.

In most of the cases, it has been observed that ignition switches have problems inherited from manufacturer’s defect. For vehicles with known problems, the auto makers issue safety recalls. They typically involve replacing or inspecting the original switch with a redesigned one. You may also get warranty for free repairs.