How To Install A New Porsche A/C Compressor

A car's A/C compressor follows a certain process by which it can function accordingly. They are made to pump the refrigerant needed in order to cool the A/C system. They are guided by several other components in order to deliver their task to the entire system. Even with luxury cars such as Porsche, however, there are times when this component will fail which means you must be familiar with how to install one. Here are steps to follow in this regard for your installing your new Porsche A/C compressor.

Recover the Refrigerant

Take note that you will only be able to do so once you have located the A/C compressor which is basically located on the front part of the engine. You may need someone to help you with in the process. From there, you can also recover the refrigerant because you cannot proceed with servicing the A/C system unless you do so.

Disconnect the Old Compressor

You can do this by locating where the serpentine belt tensioner. Following the diagram that usually comes on the engine compartment, you will be able to do so. When you have done this, get a wrench and slide away the tensioner from that of the belt. Remove the belt as well since they are attached to the pulleys. Make sure that you also disconnect all of the electrical connectors and pressure hoses connected to the A/C compressor. As for the last part for this step, you should also remove the bolts that mount the compressor to the system. This will allow you to disconnect and remove the old compressor from the A/C unit.

Prepare the New A/C Compressor

It is important to put the old and new A/C compressors side by side each other so that you can compare the specifications of both. You have to make sure you got the right replacement compressor for your car. When you have established that they are the same, you can proceed to other essentials before installing the new unit. First thing you should do is to add lubricant to the compressor in case there has been no amount of lubricant added with your purchase.

You Can Now Install the New Compressor Unit

In order to install the A/C compressor properly, you must first remove the O-rings which are situated on the air conditioning system's pressure lines. You should then install the new compressor paying particular attention to how it will be properly aligned to the holes where it should be mounted. Get the bolts and secure them in place before reinstalling the connectors and lines. You may need to revisit the diagram in order to finish this part successfully and so that it will be easier to put the belt in place. You will need to move the tensioner in a push and pull motion in order to easily connect the belt to those of the pulleys. When you are done with the step above, you can start recharging the system.

Make it a point that you only order genuine Porsche parts in order to find the perfect fit to your car's A/C system.