How To Install A Porsche Exhaust System

Porsche exhaust system plays a pivotal role in smooth functioning of your vehicle. Without it, any car may sound like a generator. If you are looking to install a new exhaust system, there’s every chance your car is old and corroded or you want to boost the performance. You can do it yourself if you have the right tools and the spare parts. Here’s a walkthrough on how to go about installing a Porsche exhaust system.

What Materials Are Required?

  • Floor Jack
  • Gaskets
  • Gloves
  • Six Pointed Sockets
  • Ratchet
  • New Bolts and Nuts
  • Penetrating Oil
  • Rubber Exhaust Hangers
  • Safety Glasses
  • PB Blaster

Once you are ready with these, along with the exhaust, follow the steps outline below.

  • Using safety jack stands and floor jack, lift the vehicle carefully off the ground. All the 4 jack points should be positioned under the vehicle.
  • Using a PB blaster, spray all nuts and bolts generously. Allow it to soak for around five minutes.
  • Using an appropriately sized socket and racket, remove the muffler, starting from the rear end of the vehicle. Once the bolts are removed, slide the muffler off the hangers and detach it completely. Repeat the process, if your car has two mufflers.
  • Detach the middle, bolted part of the exhaust from the catalytic converter. There may be a couple of bolts attached to the flange connected with the converter. Remove them and slide the piping off the hangers.
  • Make sure to replace the old rubber hangers with the new ones.
  • Once you are done, slip the new middle piping followed by the new muffler onto the new rubber hangers.
  • Place a new gasket between the new exhaust and the catalytic converter.
  • Spot the flange that joins the muffler to the middle piping. Using the new hardware, make sure to fasten the flange by hand.
  • At each flange, make sure to tighten the bolts down. Check whether the exhaust is hanging freely on the hangers. Make sure that it is not pressed against the heat shields, gas tank or vehicle’s frame. For the bolts to be tightened, it should be a quarter to half turn past snug. Please note that with the hardware loose and the exhaust hanging, you may have to rotate, shake or twist the piped into the desired position. So be a little patient when doing that.
  • While you are almost done, it is important to verify the outcome. While still in the air, you can start up the car and notice how the new exhaust is behaving. If you see any sort of exhaust gases escaping, check each individual flange. If there’s a leakage, you can get that from the noise. Be careful, and don’t try to touch any part, since the exhaust gas temperature can be really high.
  • If everything looks fine, get your car back to the flat surface, and turn off the vehicle, once you have verified everything. Remove the safety jack stands, using a floor jack. Lower the car back safely to the ground.