How To Jumpstart A Porsche Car Battery

There are many reasons why you might need to jumpstart your car. You might perhaps have left your lights on for a long time and the battery ran out. Alternatively, you might have a faulty battery that is not storing charge properly. Whatever the cause, we all dread turning the key and not being greeted by the roar of your Porsche starter firing the engine up. In such cases, knowing how to jumpstart your battery will get you up and running in no time. Here then, is how you can jumpstart the battery of your Porsche.

Have The Right Jumpstart Cables

The only tool you need to jumpstart a dead battery is a jumpstart cable which comes in a variety of lengths. While long jumper cables are convenient because they are easier to connect the two cars, they also deliver less power. When you are buying the jumpstart cables, check the gauge of the cables. The standard gauge size for jumpstart cables is six. Typically, the lower the gauge, the stronger the cables will be.

You will also need a functional car with a good working battery. If you are at home and you have a second car, this is usually not a problem as you can use it to jumpstart the dead battery. However, if you have one car or the battery went flat somewhere far from home, the best option is to find a fellow motorist who is willing to spare a few minutes to help you jumpstart your car. Typically, most motorists have no problem helping out.

Step One: Prepare Both Cars

Ideally, you want the two cars facing each other with just about 18-20inches between them. However, they should not touch each other. Ensure that the cars won’t move unexpectedly during the process. To do this, ensure that the cars are set in park mode if they are automatic or the gear is set to neutral if one or both are manual. Also, ensure that both cars have their parking brakes on. Switch off both cars and remove the keys from the ignition if it uses a key.

Step Two: Attaching The Cables

The jumpstart cables will have red and black clamps on either end of the set. Identify the positive and negative terminals on each of the two batteries. If any of the terminals is dirty or corroded, wipe with a cloth to help the jumpstart cable clamps have a firm grip on the terminals.  Carefully, clamp the red end of the cable to the positive terminal of the dead battery and the other red clamp to the positive terminal of the working battery.

Once that is done, clamp one black end of the jumpstart cables to the negative terminal of the working battery and clamp the other black end to a cleaned out nut or bolt on the engine block (You can also connect it to an unpainted metal part of the car).

Step Three: Jump Starting The Battery

Once you have double checked that the clamps are in their proper terminals and secure. Start the working car and let it run for one or two minutes. After that, start the car with the dead battery. If no other problems exist, the car with the dead battery should start.

Once you have your dead car running, disconnect the jumpstart cables beginning with the black ones and then on to the red ones. Avoid having the clamps come into contact while any of their other ends is attached to the cars. You might also want to drive around or let the engine run for a while so the battery can build up a charge.