How To Recharge Your Porsche A/C System

You have successfully replaced and installed your new A/C compressor into your Porsche A/C system. Do you think everything else stops after you have done that? The next thing you should actually do is recharge the system. Before you do so, however, you still need to follow some other important parts of the process that you cannot just neglect doing.

Evacuate the System First

During this part of the installation process, you must make sure that gauges have been properly connected to the high and low pressure parts of the air conditioning unit. Evacuation works in the same manner as that when you vacuum the system. In the manifold gauges, you will find red and blue hoses which should be connected to the high and low pressure side, respectively. There is also another line, that which is yellow in color, which can be used in order to push things into and pull things out of the unit.

A special component is used when purging the system. This is called compressed nitrogen which is noted for helping easily check on leaks found in the unit. If you forgot to stock on compressed nitrogen, you can use deep system vacuuming methods as a substitute. Both are great for evacuating the moisture that has entered the unit.

Lubricate the Compressor

Once air has been exhausted out of the unit, you can now lubricate the replacement A/C compressor. Putting an insubstantial amount of lubricants into the compressor will assure that the newly installed one will be able to carry on with its task. You need to establish how much of the oil is needed inside the system and replenish what has been lost accordingly. Turn the engine off during this part of the process.

Recharge the Unit

Adding refrigerant to the compressor will now allow you to recharge the newly installed A/C system. Turn on the switch of the car after doing so and then proceed to turning on the temperature control knob so that it can be set to high while the fan has to be set into the low. Do not be afraid in case you have to allow the car to be idle for a couple of minutes. This will be of great help in permitting pressure and temperature to set in properly. When the A/C has reached its stabilization point then you can turn on the fan knob and switch to the highest possible setting.

Purge the line after opening the valve that contains the refrigerant. Place the coolant into the lower side of the manifold gauge. This process can be repeated to make sure that the entire system will be filled. But of course, that will depend upon the car's A/C system requirements.

You will need extreme patience in order to carry on this task. It is also important to order from providers of genuine Porsche parts like us to easily obtain a perfect fit. Never hesitate to ask questions regarding the things you will need in the entire process.