How To Replace The Porsche Auto Mirror

Accidents happen often, not because you are a bad driver or you were negligent. It can happen because there was no way you could avoid it. It could be that you veered off the road while avoiding a deer that crossed your path from nowhere. Then before you know it, you end up with a broken mirror. This can give you sleepless nights if the mirror is automated as is often the case with nearly all modern Porsche models. There is really nothing you can do but replace the broken side mirror, because how else are you going to drive with a mirror that’s completely knocked off? So just how do you replace the broken mirror? Here’s how.

Assess The Damage

Count yourself lucky if your mirror was only knocked lose. Count yourself lucky too if the housing is slightly damaged. You will after all, still drive for miles and go on with your journey until the next stop. Chances are, you will have to drive around with a duct tape quick fix solution holding the loose mirror in place. By all means, assess the damage before proceeding. The last thing you want is to end up on a busy multiple-lane highway with a broken mirror.

Replacing The Entire Mirror Assembly

This is where experts come into the picture. The reason is simple. replacing the entire mirror assembly or even inspecting it calls for specific skill and expertise. The job, as simple as it may seem, is best left to professionals.  Once done, the replacement expert will most likely recommend a new set. Alternatively, you can consider aftermarket parts which are in most cases, affordable. Your next and perhaps the last option would be the junkyard option where you can find a written off model with the exact same mirror you’re looking for.

Unbolting The Mirror

Be extremely careful when unbolting the rearview mirror. You’ll have to pull out the electrical plug if your car has electrically adjustable mirrors.  Pull the plug before you start wrenching the screws and bolts beneath the access cover. This is also the most appropriate time to carefully compare the replacement part you purchased with what is still on the car. Stop working on the mirror if anything looks different or inconsistent, then get the right set.

Refer To The Repair Manual

The Porsche auto mirror is by all means a masterpiece. So there is a high likelihood you may have a hard time repairing the mirror without expert assistance. That is where the repair manual comes into the picture. Refer to the manual not just when replacing or repairing the mirror but also when shopping for the replacement mirror.


 Your mirror may have worked fine immediately after replacement. This does not mean though that it is flawless especially if the mirror replacement was a DIY exercise. Inspect the mirror and test it often. This is particularly important if you’re about to go on a long drive or if you drive often in a busy highway. The side mirror, as you will find out, is just as important as the brakes, seatbelt and lights as far as safety is concerned.