How To Reset Your Porsche Engine Light

You know your Porsche has an issue with the power train anytime the check engine light comes on. It could be a major or a minor complication. Whatever the case, you must find the problem and fix it. Ignoring the light will simply worsen the problem.  Eventually, you’ll spend more time and money on repairs. So how exactly do you reset the engine light? How do you even find where the problem is in the first place?  There is no definite answer. However, there are proven measures you can take to find where the problem is and to switch off the check engine light.

Use A Scanning Device

This is without a doubt the most common solution. But it is not as simple as it sounds or as many people think. First connect the scanning device to the On Board Diagnostic Connector (OBD). The OBD is found right under the steering column. Turn off all the gadgets then ignite the car. Press the ‘Read’ button on the scan tool and allow the device to scan for error codes within the engine. Have a pen and a paper so that you can write down the codes in the order in which the scanning device received them.

Note that not all scanning devices are the same. Read the instruction manual of your scanning device before using it. For instance, some scanning devices have the ‘CLEAR’ option instead of the popularly known ‘ERASE’ option.

The Battery Disconnecting Technique

It is an old technique that has been proven to work. First get a wrench to help you remove positive and negative cables from the battery. Press the car horn and hold it for at least 30 seconds to drain electricity from the capacitor. Wait for at least 25 minutes before re-installing the battery cables. Check the error codes again. They should be deleted and the check engine light should be off. If the light is still on, then there is major problem with the engine which should be checked and fixed.

Turning On And Off The Ignition

It is similar to the battery disconnecting technique explained above. However with this technique, the battery stays connected. All you need to do is turn it on and off three times consecutively. Do this very fast. There should be at least a second in every ignition gap.  Drive the car for a while to see if the check engine light is still on. Once again if the light is still on, there is a serious problem elsewhere, which needs urgent attention.

Ignoring The Light

This is clearly the easiest technique because it involves you doing nothing. Simply drive as usual until the light goes off.  The computer system in most Porsche models keeps scanning for problems that can activate the light. If the system finds a minor issue such as an oxygen sensor glitch or a faulty mass airflow, the check engine might turn on. It won’t be long though before the system automatically fixes such minor issues. The light should therefore be on for at most 24 hours. If it stays on and stares at you for another 24 hours, take the car to a mechanic for inspection and necessary repairs.