How To Secure Your Porsche Windshield Wiper

During winter, the Porsche windshield wiper is subject to a buildup of ice and slush on the wiper blades. In most cases, this can be fixed quickly by taking the wiper and removing the ice which is pressed upon the windshield, but sometimes the wipers are subject to other issues, such as loose retaining nuts, which can cause the wipers to become useless, so securing them are important. Below are some tips for doing this.

Always Make Sure The Switch For The Wipers is Turned Off

The blades must be allowed to return to their rest position, and to do this you will first want to turn off the ignition switch of the vehicle, and then remove your key. Next, follow the arm of the wiper away from the blade to the base. For some vehicles, this will require their hood to be opened. Take either a mat made of cardboard, rubber or a similar material, and position it in the spot near the wiper arm’s base so that the paint finish and glass are protected.

Pry-Up Any Plastic Cap Which Covers The Nut

First ensure that the position of the arm is still proper and then take a flathead screwdriver which is small and use it to pry open the cap made of plastic which covers a nut at the arm’s base, ensuring it is kept away from any nut wells which are recessed. You might notice a miniature slot within the cap; this is used to assist in screwdriver insertion. Once the cap is removed, you will gain the necessary access to move about the nut.

You will now want to choose the socket size which is best for fitting your hex nut. Since the cap is no longer present you can now assess the hex nut which keeps the arm of the wiper on the drive post. It is important to select a socket which fits. Position the socket within a ratchet, or if necessary in the extension which is attached to it.

Setting Your Ratchet

The ratchet must now be set so that it will make the nut tighter. They are designed for this purpose, and can also loosen both bolts and nuts. To make the nut tighter, you will want to spin in the direction which is clockwise. When making the nut tighter, position the socket on the handle of the ratchet. Then, attempt to make the nut tighter gradually. Should it turn with ease, this means you will want to continue until it becomes snug and afterwards do roughly a 1/8 turn so that it is secured fully. If you notice the nut is very tight already, then you should stop. In the event that the nut spins in position, without becoming tighter, this means that either the post of the drive or nut might be stripped and needs a replacement. Once this issue is resolved, the wipers can be tested and the arm replaced and secured.