How To Solve An Intermittent Start-Stop Problem In Your Porsche A/C Compressor System

Were there times when you notice that there is something wrong with your Porsche A/C compressor system? Is there an intermittent start-stop problem? Since compressors are vital for the car's A/C unit operations then you cannot just ignore this problem. You need to do something about this issue right away. How can you solve it? It depends on what is causing the problem.

It Does Not Consistently Blow Cold Air

You are headed on a long trip with your family and friends. Enjoying the trip together, you will never imagine that anything could go wrong the entire time. What if you suddenly notice that the cold air from the A/C turns warm or the system will suddenly stop? You try to give the A/C a chance and true enough it will suddenly blow cold air once more after running several miles.

This is actually a common problem that drivers have complained about. The sad thing is that you will not be able to easily identify the root cause of the problem. This can be due to freezing of various A/C system components. Once you check, you will notice that the evaporator is filled with ice. When that ice melts, the evaporator will then continue to work in cooling the air inside your car. Make sure that the air filter is clean to prevent ice from failing your system.

Warm Air Comes Out of the A/C

Remember that A/C systems were made to blow out cold air to your comfort whenever it is warm outside. In a normal operating cycle, the A/C will typically blow out some warm air after you have started your car. From there, the cold air will fill the car. It will be unusual for a car to continuously blow out warm air.

If you are encountering this problem then there is a concern with the A/C system condenser. The condenser is that part that has a set of coils and a fan that allows warm air to push through the coils while also cooling the refrigerant in the evaporator. Once coils get clogged with dirt or other particles, then there is a tendency that the refrigerant will not cool completely. You will need a professional to troubleshoot this problem.

No Air Comes Out

When you have noticed that there is no air, or littler air, coming out of the car's A/C unit, there is the reason to be alarmed. The entire unit, apart from relying on the compressor assembly, also relies on other important components which include the expansion valve, condenser, evaporator, fans, and tubes. In case you notice that your car's A/C is working just fine yesterday and then it suddenly fails today, then that is a reason to believe that the system is malfunctioning.

Take note that there are instances when A/C units are prevented from engaging when there is refrigerant or oil leak in it. The leak may have resulted from physical damage, loose connections, and corrosion among others. In case the system no longer blows out enough cold air, you should ask a technician to diagnose the problem before the A/C gets damaged any further.