How To Take Care Of Your Porsche Exterior Trim

When cleaning your car, it is easy to overlook some areas that also needs care. The small details, like the Porsche exterior trim, are also prone to deterioration if not correctly maintained. Here is how you can care for it in order to avoid costly repairs and replacements.

What Damages The Exterior Trim?

The first things to learn about caring for the exterior trim are the different factors that are causing it to degrade. The most obvious cause is the harmful UV light from the sun. Being exposed to direct sunlight can fade the color of the trim. Aside from discoloration, it can also cause the trim to get brittle and age prematurely. Using strong detergents in washing the exterior trim is also harsh for both the paintwork and the trim. Not washing the exterior trim, on the other hand, can also cause dirt buildup which is not a good thing. Lastly, rubber and plastic trim protectants are sold for a reason. If you are going to forego applying these products on the Porsche exterior trim, then you can expect wear and tear the soonest.

Cleaning and Restoration Methods

In cleaning your car and the trim, make sure to use a good quality car shampoo that does not contain harsh chemicals. A stiff sponge is not recommended to scrub off the trim’s surface as it will abrade the finish. Instead, use a brush with a polypropylene bristles that are very soft, or better yet buy a polishing pad specifically made for Porsche exterior trim. These are very effective in cleaning the trim without scratching the surface.

After thoroughly washing, scrubbing, and drying the trim, you have to choose what products to apply on it as a protectant. Otherwise called as dressing, this product will bring the faded trim back to life and reconditioned. There are products that will give a shiny effect if that is what you want. There are also those that give a low gloss finish for a more subtle look. Take note that you have to wipe off the excess protectant with a dry cloth as it may rub off on your clothing.

Other Surfaces

Although most of the trim is made of either plastic or metal, there are also other trim materials that you need to care for. There are rubber seals and moldings that are used to protect the car against elements like water, dirt, and strong winds. These rubber parts will require a rubber dressing to prevent it from becoming stiff and brittle. The Porsche name and emblems must also be cleaned and polished to perfection by using a microfiber towel and a high-quality wax product.

A Porsche is a nice car. However, if you are not going to care for the exterior trim, you will soon have an untidy-looking car that badly needs TLC. Paying special attention even to the smallest details can make a huge difference in making your car’s appearance look grander than how it already is.