How To Tell If Your Porsche Exhaust System Is Malfunctioning

Your Porsche exhaust system is an important part of your vehicle. It protects you and your passengers from noxious fumes, helps to control the amount of pollution going into the atmosphere, and plays a major role when it comes to fuel efficiency and the overall performance of your high-performance car.

So that when the exhaust system is malfunctioning, any of the just mentioned factors are in jeopardy of failure. This poses not only a health hazard but can suck the pleasure right out of driving a luxury vehicle like a Porsche. No one wants that!

Let's take a look at some symptoms and signs that could point to a problem with your Porsche exhaust system.

Do You Smell Gas?

If, while you are driving, the inside of your car starts to smell like gas, this could point to an issue with your exhaust system. Why does this happen? The problem may be that the tubes or pipes involved in the system have started to leak due to damage or wear. If that occurs, gasoline fumes escape in any manner possible. Unfortunately, that can mean finding their way into your car’s interior – and your lungs.

Does Your Exhaust Pipe Appear Displaced?

If the exhaust pipe is dragging on the ground or hanging lower than usual, it should immediately be repaired/replaced. It may be something as simple as a clamp. The tailpipe can look like it's hanging down under the vehicle, even if it is not leaking, if a clamp or the pipe itself breaks. A tailpipe that is dragging on the ground is dangerous not only where fumes are concerned – but to other drivers! If, while driving down the road, that pipe comes loose from your vehicle, it is now a danger to anyone that is driving behind or around you.

From inside the Engine Bay, Is There a Burning Smell?

If, near any plastic part or engine wiring, a leak occurs because of a failed gasket, exhaust gas heat could cause those parts to burn. They create an extremely recognizable "burning engines smell". You may even notice smoke. This is not a repair that can wait. It must be taken care of immediately. You are risking the health and safety of yourself and your passengers if you do not get your exhaust system checked immediately when a burning smell is detected.

Has Your Fuel Efficiency Decreased?

If acceleration and power decrease, it is likely that your fuel efficiency will do so as well. Your engine uses more fuel if it has to work harder because of an exhaust problem. If you don't get it fixed, you're going to be spending a lot more money on gas. Better to just get the problem component replaced or repaired.

Has There Been a Decrease In Acceleration or Power?

Again, the performance of your engine can be affected by a faulty exhaust system. You might notice that you can’t get the typical acceleration power or accelerate as quickly as you used to be able to. This problem will only get worse if not tended to.

 Is Your Engine Extremely Noisy?

If your engine is noisier than usual, this could be the first sign of an exhaust system problem. You may also notice a tapping or a hissing sound. When you accelerate the vehicle or from a cold start, the tapping and hissing sounds are most noticeable.

To ensure a properly functioning Porsche exhaust system, only Porsche parts and components should be used for repairs/replacements. Because an improperly functioning exhaust system is so dangerous, and because it can negatively affect the performance of your Porsche, the work should always be done by a qualified technician/mechanic.