How To Tell If Your Porsche Radiator Is Malfunctioning

When you leave the showroom with your brand new Porsche you’d give anything to see it remain brand new and move just as smoothly forever. Owing to lack of frequent maintenance, many never get to realize this wish. It is the little issues that give birth to bigger issues which eventually render your car immobile. One such seemingly small issue might be your car’s radiator. So how do you tell if your Porsche radiator is malfunctioning? Read on to find out;

Coolant Spillage

Tubes connecting the radiator and the engine help carry coolant from one end to the other and back. If the tubes have holes, cracks or they are rusty, spillage is bound to take place. You know that your coolant is leaking by looking at your parking spot underneath the car. But how do you know that it is not oil or water from another area of the vehicle? Well, coolant is either colored green, yellow or reddish pink. If the small puddle is any other color apart from this then the spill is probably not from the radiator. If it is then you need to get it checked or replaced.

The Car Keeps Overheating

If you have had to stop your car to numerous times to give it a rest just to stop the engine from overheating, then the first place to check should be the radiator. See, it’s the radiator’s job to make sure that the engine stays cool. If the engine overheats it means the radiator is not working properly. There’s a chance that there’s nothing wrong with the Porsche radiator. Maybe the tubes are connected wrong or the coolant levels are too low. It shouldn’t take too long to correct such minor issues yourself, in time for that meeting or lunch with your friends.

If you suspect that the problem is much bigger however, consider having your mechanic replace the entire radiator. Otherwise, you risk damaging your car engine.

Mucky Coolant Inside the Radiator

The more your drive your car the higher the chance dust and debris will find its way inside the radiator. In addition, if your car has a separate transmission and radiator, the transmission fluid may mix with the coolant to become a sludge. If you open the coolant tank or notice leakage and notice that the coolant looks rusty or dark brown like oil, then it is an indication that your radiator is malfunctioning.  If it goes unchecked, then the coolant will become mucky. Contaminated coolant will not cool the engine as it is required to.

The radiator is the central part of the entire engine cooling system. It operates by cooling the coolant liquid in order to keep the car from overheating. Once the coolant temperatures are down, it is sent back to the engine again and the routine continues. The moment you suspect that your Porsche radiator has a malfunction, it is time to visit your mechanic.