How To Test Your Porsche Auto Battery

Among the items that are of crucial importance in a car is the battery. This means that it is one component that needs to be regularly observed and tested to ensure that it maximizes its use and efficiency. Porsche believes that for a car to perform well, the priority should not only be the engine performance but also the Porsche auto battery needs to be tested and the electrical system checked as well. This is done mostly once the battery starts to show signs of weakness. Batteries can be tested using several ways as listed below.


This is one device that is of great importance if one wants to understand how to test a car battery. The voltmeter also known as multimeter has two varieties. One that is digital and the other one is analogue. Digital voltmeters are more preferable seeing that their reading is much easier to read and their accuracy level is on point. To use it, the car ignition ought to be off. Secondly remove the terminal cover. Apart from removing the cover, scrape off any corrosion from the terminal. Then connect the red lead wire of the voltmeter to the red (positive) terminal of the battery then the black voltmeter wire to the black (negative) terminal. With the voltmeter powered on, the screen should show a reading of between 12.4 to 12.7 volts this indicates that the battery is in a great condition.


This device is used for measuring flow. Its work is to know the battery charging condition. It clearly shows and indicates whether charge is going in or out of the battery. If it has a strong reading then the battery is in good condition. On the other hand if the reading is ridiculously low then that means the battery is getting weaker.

Power Probe  

This is another awesome power measuring tool that is much faster and more convenient than using the voltmeter. In that it can measure voltages or continuity without one having to pry off any connections. It can also perform parasitic draw tests without the need of pulling off fuses. Plus it works best in areas that are extremely cold. It can also power up components. In case you need to calculate resistance, it has got you covered.

Battery Indicator

In almost all current batteries being sold in today’s market, there is a small circular clear indicator or otherwise known as battery health indicator. It has two main colors. Red for when the battery charge is really low and green when the battery life is in good condition. This little indicator really helps to keep tab on one’s car battery. Makes it easier to know when a car battery needs to be replaced or recharged.


It is an inexpensive, readily available instrument meant for determining the gravity of liquids such as battery acid. It works best when a battery is facing power or charging issues. A hydrometer will help you know if your battery needs to be recharged or replaced. It does this simply by identifying whether a battery cell has failed is charging or not.

In summary Porsche advices that when it comes to auto battery there are more than several ways to test any car’s battery whether you are a professional or not.