Is It Time To Change Your Porsche Oil Filters?

The oil filter is made of special paper or fabric. It contains small traps that trap small particles in the oil. This ensures that these small particles do not clog the rotating systems of the car’s engine.  When not changed for a long time the filter loses its absorbent power; thus it is bypassed during the oil circulation. You should not wait for your Porsche to get to this state! Here is a detailed explanation of when you should change your oil filter.

When The Warning Light Appears

Even if you are sure that the levels of motor oil in your Porsche are fine, do not ignore this warning sign. Failure to change the oil filter may cost you way much more than the few dollars an oil filter costs.

When Changing Your Oil

“Should I change the oil filter when changing the oil?” is a common question among Porsche drivers. It is advisable for you to change both the oil and the oil filter at the same time.   When the filter is not changed, the new oil gets dirty almost immediately you start your Porsche. Engine oil should be replaced when:

  • The oil change light comes on: This light comes on when the levels of oil are low. The engine light may come on if the levels are drastically low.
  • Increased intensity of engine noises:  There are many causes of engine noises including dirty or low levels of oil. The noises are  as a result of the lack of lubrication
  • Dirty oil: This is a clear sign that the oil in your Porsche requires immediate attention.
  • You drive for long: For ultimate performance, Porsches require an oil change after a mileage of between 2500 and 5000
  • There is a smell of oil in your Porsche: In most cases, the smell of oil inside the car signifies oil leakage.
  • Smoke: A change in smoke density can be used to determine whether your Porsche needs an oil change. Abnormally dense may be as a result of dirty engine oil.

When You Drive In Severe Conditions

Driving conditions such as temperature, speed, whether you drive on dirt, tarmac or snow, are also determiners of how regularly you should change your Porsche oil filter. For instance, if you drive on dirt regularly, your Porsche will require regular oil filter change compared to tarmac users. The same case applies to high-speed drivers.

Size Of Your Engine

The size of your engine determines how often your Porsche needs a filter change. It goes without saying; the larger your engine is, the more frequently do you need to change the oil filter.

Most drives use mileage to determine whether their Porsche requires an oil and filter change. Regular change of these two components optimizes the performance of your Porsche. It is also a way of maintaining the far more expensive car parts such as the engine.