Is It Time To Replace Your Porsche A/C Condenser?

For most vehicle owners, what’s happening underneath the hood may not be of importance until it starts to break down. The Porsche A/C condenser is one of those parts that take a lot of tolls just to ensure that the passengers are comfortable especially during the hot summer days. When the condenser starts to fail, the air conditioner will still work but the air blowing through it will be uncomfortably warm.

Driving With An A/C Condenser Problem

The Porsche A/C condenser is not related to the mechanical and chemical processes that are needed to make the car run. When the condenser is in trouble, all the other components will still work so there is no harm to the vehicle itself. The problem, really, is on the comfort of the driver and the passengers because of the warmer than usual temperature.

What To Watch Out For

You know something is not right when the air conditioner fails to cool the air blowing through the vents. One common reason for a condenser issue is leakage of coolants or refrigerants. It is very dangerous when released to the air and may cause injury when handled by bare hands. There may also be overheating in the system that could potentially hurt you.

How To Determine A Problem

When you are suspecting a problem with the condenser, the best thing to do is to take the car to a qualified technician who has the training and certification to repair a car air conditioning system. Professional grade equipment is also required to correctly read high and low pressure and it will be difficult for the untrained to understand the readings. If it is indeed faulty, the technician will decide if it is necessary to have a condenser replacement.

The A/C condenser is located centrally. This is why it is prone to damage when the car gets involved in a front-end accident. A collision normally causes physical damage to the cooling system, including the condenser, so it should be closely inspected to see whether it is operating as usual or otherwise. Another reason why it fails is when debris gets into the a/c system causing a blockage. It will also malfunction if a foreign substance touches the small metal fins of the condenser.

Can You Replace The Condenser On Your Own?

Since the A/C condenser is part of an elaborate system, it is not serviceable when a proper recovery and refrigerant evacuation is not done first. Ideally, the entire cooling system should be drained before beginning the disassembly. Most of the components, like the cooling fans, electrical connectors, radiator hoses, and the front bumper assembly are to be removed. Attempting to do all of these without the proper tools and knowledge could lead to serious chemical burns. Repairing of Porsche A/C condenser, therefore, should only be done by professionals and it is not to be seen as a DIY project.