Is There Water In My Porsche Gas Tank?

Water and oil do not mix. If anything, they should not mix. That is why having water inside your Porsche’s gas tank should worry you. That’s because once water finds its way into the gas tank, it will eventually find its way to other vital components. It won’t be long before the injectors and fuel pipelines get compromised. With that in mind, try the best you can to locate where the water is before the engine shuts down. To do this, you’ll have to be on the lookout for any of the following signs.

Car Mileage Reduction

Water inside the gas tank can decrease motor power. This hardly ever happens all at once. It happens gradually, so you may not notice it immediately. Water inside the gas tank will also cause fuel biodegradation. This means the car will lose power. Its performance as well as mileage will then take a deep.

It is also important to note that water is heavier than gasoline. Water will therefore sink at the bottom end of the tank. It will then cause rust or in some cases, allow microbes to grow. This alone can cause sudden system failure, so get rid of any water traces inside the tank as soon as you can.

Sudden Engine Stall

The engine will work just fine for a few minutes. You won’t notice anything strange at all. After a while though, the fuel combustion process will become compromised. The while process will become weak. Depending on the amount of water inside the tank, the engine may or may not stall. The check engine light may also turn on.

Engine Won’t Start

By the time this happens, other components will also have been damaged. So the engine will just stall mostly because there is water inside the engine cylinder right above the piston. This means the piston will find it hard to complete rotation. As such, there won’t be fuel compression or combustion.

Sloppy Acceleration

This is a clear sign that something else other than water is being injected into your Porsche’s engine. The result here is poor acceleration. That is, you will need more force on the acceleration pedal so as to pick speed.


No one intentionally pours water into the gas tank. It gets in there mostly because of condensation of atmospheric pressure. A poorly sealed cap on the tank or a bad top fuel pump can also mean water will easily find its way into the gas tank.

The Solution

One of the most effective ways of fixing the water inside the gas tank problem is simply to replace the whole gas system within the reservoir. You can also replace old fuel with new and high quality gas complete with ethanol. There are of course, other affordable alternative such as resorting to octane booster or using special fuel additives as well as methanol. Be sure to also inspect your Porsche fuel filters. They tend to wear out with time, so inspect yours and have it replaced the moment you realize it is worn out.