Is Your Porsche Bumper Important?

A common misconception about the bumper is that it is a part of the car’s safety features and will contribute to minimize injury during a crash. Although it does help during an accident, the main purpose of a bumper is to protect the vehicle and not the passengers. It is designed to reduce physical damage to the hood and everything under it such as the grill, the cooling system, and the exhaust. A Porsche bumper can be considered as a shield to serve as a shock absorber during accidents.

How Do Bumpers Protect?

When it does not have a bumper, even a soft bump can damage a portion of the car. A badly disfigured vehicle will emerge out of a more serious accident. These experiences have forced car manufacturers to include bumpers in the car’s design. Both the front and rear are fitted with bumpers that help prevent a mangled vehicle after getting into an accident. It is useful in saving the vehicle to potential damage up to a certain degree.

Evolution of Bumper Design

There has been an extensive transition in both the design and structure of car bumpers. At first, bumpers were made with metal pieces. The intent is to make them the first line of defense in case of an accident. Nowadays, bumpers are made in three parts: the beam, stays, and fascia. Foam is also used to serve as a shock absorber. These components are connected to springs and valves that allow compression and relaxation. This mechanism prevents damage even to the bumper itself during a collision. There are also different materials used to make the bumpers and lightly weighted carbon fiber is the most common.

Replacing Bumpers

When looking for new bumpers or parts for the bumper, be aware that it is important that you buy one that either meets or exceeds the standards. Per standard protocols, the bumper must provide protection at the portion 16 to 20 inches above from the road’s surface. Especially with a Porsche bumper, you must choose one that can prevent collision damage at impact speeds of 2.5 mph when measured along its full width and 1.5 mph when measured on the corners. This will ensure that the bumper gives the ample protection that is expected from it. Of course, it should also fit right, has the features that you need, and that it looks good with your car model.

For example, when you want to buy a bumper cover do you need one that has or without a reverse sensor? Or you may never have to replace the whole thing and just buy a replacement for the car bumper guard. Knowing what you need will save you a lot of time and money.

The last factor to make sure that you get the best bumper and parts for your car is to get them from a reputable car parts dealer. Porsche is a luxury brand and you don’t want anything less for its caliber. Genuine Porsche parts and accessories should be used to replace the original ones.